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I generally don’t give a fuck. Honestly, I really only do when I’m driving -when people are going below the speed limit. Essentially if you are speeding, you are very much left to your own vices. People tail you to get away with the same. Others cautiously hold back and watch the anxious in-and-out and around drivers, only gaining ahead a few cars…to never really get ahead, but by 45 seconds. Seriously, science. It has been proven: when ‘speeding’ the average driver only saves 3 minutes. Is 3 minutes worth a car accident or a life? If I can give you one piece of advice as a ‘speed racer’ race car driver, NEVER rely on blinkers. Peripherally, always watch wheels. People will move the steering wheel with their thought before they will move the signal with their hands. you can anticipate a lot more. And since seconds will save you, always be watching and anticipating other drivers.

Moving on, that was not AT ALL what i sat down to write, assuming by the title.

I was at the Apple Store today…

I have been paying attention to the Ferguson tragedy. That word hasn’t been used and that is what it is.

I am anticipating Thanksgiving with my family, as 99% of Americans are.

These 3 things kinda make me sad. They all tie together, bare with  me.

85% of the Apple tech employees, all standing, weaving amongst customers, working on their feet: overweight. like not 15lbs, but in the 30-100lbs range. WHY? What is going on in America, as this 1 store, people-watching represents microcosmically the macro problem of  American obesity? This is terrible. People get way too much satisfaction from food. People rely on food as a filler. It is supposed to fill you as sustenance and support and wellness for your body, not destruction and sadness and regret and shame. I don’t believe you for one flying fuck of a second that you are ‘happy’ as fat. Even if you are emotionally happy, your body is closer to death. And if you use food as joy and celebration, like every birthday cake dictates, like most family gatherings generate, like most sweets celebrate, there is still a balance. There is a moment where you know you’ve eaten a bit too much, indulged too much this week, haven’t worked out this month, let so much time pass, ahh hell everyone around me is this way and that, I’m gonna let myself go. Entire cultures use this excuse! Don’t bullshit me, it is so easy to ignore. It is super easy when the environment you are in condones it. It is so easy to get immediate satisfaction from the taste in order to sacrifice the longterm result-health-wellness. Stop making excuses. This is what makes me sad. Excuses and laziness. Nowhere in this paragraph did I say I was/am perfect.

Ferguson. If you know me, if you read me -my social media: you know I’m pretty vocal, fairly articulate I’d braggart-ly proclaim. I’ve been mum on this. Only the cop and the dead boy know. Everyone else is living the effect, either perpetuating the negative or trying to find resolution. Excuses and blame again. Absolutely, protest are constructive! It is the people’s voice since the dawn of emperors, kings, colonialism. Stealing, looting, fires, destruction…mmm, kinda exacerbating the problem. We are each a walking cognitive bias. Essentially, anything in our environment serves to conform to our already established ideas (and ideals) If blacks think the white man is keeping them down, if white men think blacks are thugs, if blacks think all white cops specifically seek them out, if white cops think blacks are most likely to make crime…WE ARE ALL GUILTY of perpetuating this.  Stop for a g*d-damn second and have a conversation with one person. When we take the individual out of the ‘general’ we realize the labels and propaganda just don’t fit. We connect instead of group-think. Unfortunately with 7+ billion people on the planet it is impossible to have one-on-one conversations. When you ask the homeless man, ‘why are you begging for money?” When you ask the gang banger, “why are you graffiti-ing this wall?’ When you ask the perp why he’s stealing: When you personalize it, it gets closer to resolution. When you pigeon-hole it and isolate into ‘their (as a group) behavior’ you also perpetuate it. And the truth is, everybody (me too) has an excuse for why we behave the way we do.

And the theme of blame and excuse carries over to my family: why are we in the places we are, living the lives we live? Some unhealthy, some jobless, some uncommunicative. I think, this is why some people must marry, just to recreate their own family, their own new rituals, to try to try to try, to be better. I want to heal this. We can not heal others. We can not change others. We can be examples for them though. Don’t make excuses for them either. Gratitude for them, absolutely. My G*d, I have learned.

To the Americans, a delicious Thanksgiving to you. All else, just appreciative to recognize.


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