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It has been a long time since I’ve been so engrossed, fascinated, and consistently anxious to sit down and read a non-fiction book as I am Debt, The First 5,000 Years.

It is written by an economist-anthropologist, if that gives you any indication of how thorough the writing is. It completely flips the conceptions on bartering, trade, purpose of original coinage and enterprise from as far back as original civilization. It has more than history; it is insight into prostitution, slavery, war, and religion, and how all of these things are tied to our concept of debt: the value of people, the value of sacrifice.

I can not recommend this book enough. It is necessary to have the hard copy and not an e-book version.



Money  and markets did not emerge simultaneously. There has never been precise equivalencies and barter was not the original form of exchange EVER. Every ‘ism’, age of time, religion, and revolution is covered.

There are many intellectual and spiritual ties to debt: to whom do we owe our existence? debts to gods, sages, fathers…and debts tied to guilt

Get this.

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