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Continuing on from the previous Secret Selves post…and then we WILL NOT visit this topic for a while, as my resolve and emotion has been made clear by the end of this post:

I have a vintage black leather chaise lounge/fainting couch by the front window in my living room. My favorite repose is reclined on it at the end of the day enjoying a cocktail – by 5 pm, if I’m home that early.

Last week I was in the usual: with the window blinds pulled up and the outside street-scape in full view. I live in a medium to moderately affluent neighborhood. I’m directly across the freeway from the very affluent SMU campus and Highland Park neighborhood of Dallas. 2 white SUVS pulled up across the street, facing west, one right after the other, and parked quickly after each other. The middle aged white guy in the first vehicle gets out and gets into the passenger seat of the white BMW SUV behind him, driven by a young Hispanic guy. There was an obvious exchange, lasting no more than 45 seconds. Then the passenger gets out and proceeds back to his vehicle, quickly taking off. The BMW follows suit within 15 seconds. I am absolutely certain this was a drug deal. I am absolutely giving conjecture on specifics. This could be as benign as marijuana or as intense as cocaine. I’m not profiling by saying the passenger, buyer, was white. I’m not labeling the dealer as always an hispanic. (would you be resolved or angry if I said the dealer was black? see how our cultural conditioning or preconceptions feed or dispute our beliefs!)

What we believe we continually feed and manifest. Question yourself, all I’m saying. I have mentioned this in past blogs. Currently, I do agree that cop cameras are a great idea. It keeps everyone on the up and up. It makes sense to have more black police officers in black neighborhoods. What’s wrong with this? We are comfort creatures. Same-same. Like seeks like. This isn’t negotiable, it’s biological. Stop trying to make a political debate out of everything; that’s really what is wrong. Journalist wouldn’t have a job if they couldn’t do so, but hopefully you have an independent mind making realistic sense of these scenarios. Often it is only for the purpose of making news. Maybe Chicago would be less murder-capital corrupt if the black males committing crimes had black entrepreneurs to look up to. People like Al Sharpton perpetuate the problem. He is a fraud built on hate and corruption.

Now back to the point, with current surveillance and lack of privacy: there is always someone watching, as I just illustrated to you. By 2017, there will be 1 billion people online. Our minds cant even conceptualize this. Try to picture the room with this many pieces of paper! I’m sorry you can’t. My point is there are too many people around, aware, cognizant, or deliberately paying attention.

I am trying to make you aware or being aware. Regardless if we are very mundane, we are moving into the the drone society: the capturing of it. Let’s suppose you want to sunbathe nude in your backyard and your neighbor has a drone flying around the neighborhood.  Don’t you believe in regulations, restrictions, your constitutional rights of privacy?! The government will soon want to make an issue of this. The landscape is changing and our laws and rights will be changing with it.

Pay close attention, because as inconsequential as you may believe yourself and your day-to-day activities are, attention is still given to you. Someone is always watching.

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