The Fog

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After speaking of dormancy in last week’s post, I didn’t know I’d portend my own fate.

winter fog

I’ve been so ill and mostly in bed, going on 6 days. I did get out yesterday to see a movie, Darkest Hour, about Winston Churchill’s first days as Prime Minister. Really enjoyed it.

Worth reading: What’s Fact, What’s Fiction in Darkest Hour?

I then went out to dinner, which was probably pushing it. I slept awfully, woke to no voice, and feel worse for having tried to participate with the living.

Unfortunately, I have to return to work tomorrow.

work fatigue


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BrockaThe Fog

3 Comments on “The Fog”

  1. Colin

    How are you feeling now?

    “woke to no voice.” Was this literally not able to speak or no voice in the head?

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