The Deepest Grandest…Sigh

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I didn’t go downstairs to stand in the horseshoe parking lot with one hundred other curious souls this afternoon during the eclipse. It’s not that I was nonpulsed about it though. I watched a live stream via NASA on my ipad during my lunch break, as the two were simultaneous; then I viewed through special glasses outside of a broker’s office window as the dark orange encapsulated. I’m ‘meh’ about the visuals and more about the feels. Because here I am hoping, the entire globe chills the F out for a sec and presses the reset button. In our personal lives, maybe. On the macro level, that would be winning the Powerball. Whether one is an astrological mocker or astronomically ambivalent, maybe for a moment we all collectively hoped for something better.

I hope your life is fit and tidy, but it’s too obvious all which isn’t so much; this chaos that surrounds us. The moon literally threw shade at us, or at U.S. (a wiki link) Dallas gets the concentrated view and energy in 2024 🙂 Will I be here?

How does one talk to a person, much less offer advice or some salve when they don’t even seem to live in the same paradigm? You know it’s chaos when we aren’t even arguing with the same facts. As if a fact has some give and take, a little push and pull for comfort. What in.the.hell?

On the weekends I ignore all worldly matters, all outside of my close knit people and places. Sign off and out, disengage, quiet the mind. During the freer moments of my week, I pull up the big girl pants and double down on information. Noise DOES NOT EQUAL information. The majority of facts do not come from blogs or even news organizations, I don’t care what kind of blog it is. Most noise resides there, though. I want this bit of studied (bookish and investigative) gathering to consciously or not fold itself back into my day to day routine and conversations. I want the result of conversations to inevitably heal. It’s a terrible responsibility when most aren’t open to it. I offer advice only as I sense it is warranted, only if it flows as organically welcome or intentionally solicited.

What we all see is the symptom. Frankly, Trump is a symptom. I’ve spoken of this already. What is the root cause?

I’ve come across some conversations which have pushed against me in the greatest of ways. If you want to go deep and get some much needed clarity, some insight into the whys and reasons, I can’t recommend Joe Rogan’s podcast (#49 on this link) conversation with Jordan Peterson, a clinical psychologist from Canada enough. You may already know of him via his Youtube. I don’t utilize youtube, ever. Never sorry. But, Rogan called this his absolute favorite of the 950+ which preceded it. I heard Peterson converse with Sam Harris many months ago and for some reason it didn’t hit as heavily. Then again, Joe’s podcast goes 3 hours. It’s rich. It’s ‘don’t try to multi-task, spread it out over time if you have to’ levels of concentration. You will only gain from it. All is covered: biology, psychology, the metaphors via archetypes of the underworld, the hero, and the alpha-beta. Religious beliefs to Jungian theories, etc… I’ve hovered over so many of these themes and thoughts, and so much finally came together. Again, I want to help others make sense of things, too.

Joe Rogan podcast

        Joe Rogan podcast

We are living in such an exceptional civilization, yet we have devolved into levels of barbarism. Once again, sigh


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BrockaThe Deepest Grandest…Sigh

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