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You do not need to practice a religion to intellectually understand the value of keeping its values and tenets in our rearing. Man, Sex, God, and Yale. This article is a great examination of liberal education. Unfortunately it doesn’t delve into the serious consequences the country faces as a result of this type of teaching behavior in universities.

Just the title of this exhibit? event? experience? Sell Them the Poison and The Remedy Prime example in irony, go to one of the most opulent, glamorous and thriving busy malls, in order to actually spend time in the Silence Room. My brain starts veering into the similarities of how the health and ‘wellness’ industry is based off this theme; the prescription drug business would not survive. (put a bandaid on top of this ailment and then take more drugs/bandaids to help with the side effects of taking the first drug/bandaid). Maybe it’s just a genius juxtaposition of themes. I love it.

This is probably the coolest thing I’ve come across in a while. It is visually beautiful, it’s metaphorical, it’s exceptionally creative, and just brilliant. Wow. 10 minutes of non-verbal psychedelic presentation

Much going on. Enjoy the weekend!

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BrockaTeach, Trick, and Tantalize

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