Sleep, Perchance to Dream

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I love sleep. It is my favorite pastime, the favorite part of my day and best part of my diet, the secret to recovery and longevity. Ask any model what she does before a shoot or a runway show, every single one will say drink lots of water and sleep, even before working out. As much as I love it, I don’t do it well, such as why I am also a big proponent of power naps. Back in 1995 NASA did a study on the perfect nap time duration. They could’ve called to ask me; i’ve known since I was 8, it’s about 25 minutes. I’m so sensitive to external stimuli, all conditions have to be pretty perfect for a … Read More

BrockaSleep, Perchance to Dream

Brain Bits

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When we discuss big numbers, like billions or government debt, it’s very hard to visualize. This site serves as a literal representation of the busy-ness on the internet. Mind-boggling to say the least, but super cool to SEE. Every Second on the Internet just start scrolling… We are all on social media. A public figure has a more fragile platform. This is a little funny. Visualizing the Mind of Controversy-ridden Anthony Weiner   Yes, Yes, Yes! I am a firm believer in ‘thoughts become things, so choose the good ones.’ Your Thoughts Can Release Abilities Beyond Normal Limits. Like I said in the last post, what matters is on the mind, and similarly mind is matter. We create energy with our … Read More

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