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NOUN :mental calmness, composure, and evenness of temper, especially in a difficult situation I would propose most stress and the entire sense of being rushed is self-induced. We have an I.T. guy who comes to our office twice a week. Necessary. There’s big stuff like managing servers and small stuff like managing personalities whom freak out over small stuff like it’s big. Bless his heart. His disposition is consistently calm which is well-suited to the position. Don’t we all live with an expectation now of how things should work? Do you remember dial-up?! These minor delays and inconveniences try to upend good moods or entire days. I find it comical how our hysteria doesn’t correlate with how well and easy we actually have it. Our frustration seems incongruous … Read More



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I remember the phone calls between a close girlfriend and myself succeeding her fiancé canceling the wedding: the understandable and necessary sadness and pain. The only relief I could offer was the fact that it would one day be a memory; plus the overused cliché, ‘everything happens for a reason’. “You will be glad one day this wedding didn’t happen.” Of course she is now! But does it really? Does everything happen for a reason? Is it pressure we like to take off ourselves? Maybe both. If you’re a glass half full person, then yes: it is all about perspective. But if you’re a glass half empty person, one thing may temporarily derail your entire life plan. [doesn’t just reading … Read More


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I went to a lecture this week on luck. Highlighted were the 4 behaviors lucky people exhibit: 1. Lucky people take advantage of their chance opportunities. 2. Lucky people listen to their instincts and intuition. 3. Lucky people expect good luck. 4. Lucky people change bad luck into good luck. I would say luck is interchangeable with having a positive perspective; and the expectations or benefits of luck are derived from visualization. My best decisions have usually been from a place of instinct and gut reactions. I do generally expect that things will work out, and well, they have and do. This is exciting Proof that the Pineal Gland is Literally a 3rd Eye This makes sense An Atlas of the … Read More

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