Virtuous Banana Bread

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Every food blogger on the internet planet has two recipes under their belt – in their blogging recipe list: a banana bread and a chocolate chip cookie. Most likely they have many versions of both. There are equally so many people with so many different taste. Chocolate chip cookies are a much different and broader ball game to play than bread. Soft and fluffy, thin and crispy, crispy edges with soft centers, butter based or oil based, brown or white sugar…the deviations are numerous. There is one fact we should all give 100% more credit towards: vegan cookie dough is more virtuous and edible than a basic Tollhouse or any egg inclusive recipe. You have NO worries about salmonella. There … Read More

BrockaVirtuous Banana Bread

Food Bites

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I want to let you in on something you may have not considered: you crave what you eat, you don’t eat what you crave. Think about this. Humans are creatures of habit and our metabolism has been set up this way. This is why different cultures subsist on different diets. Each digestion acclimated to what was available. Now, we have everything available from everywhere in the world. The science still applies. Thus, what you are in the habit of consuming, what your body metabolizes, is what it begins to ask for essentially; this is why food addictions are so easy to fall into. This concept is also to the benefit of fast food franchises and processed food manufacturers. Sugar is … Read More

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