Show Off

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Wouldn’t we all like to leave a mark? I’m finding out there is a difference between just making something great and making something that matters. Of course that is objective. And what matters doesn’t necessarily need to be measured quantitatively. If what we make, create, and do matters just to our own well-being and a few close friends, can we be satisfied with ‘just that’? This is the heavy question regarding how we measure our happiness.   Check out the best street art of 2012 The way we read is significantly changing. Not just because of e-readers, but mainly because there is so much more info coming at us to process. Libraries have had to re-market themselves more than any … Read More

BrockaShow Off

Words in Spine

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This list of the 25 top books every kid should know (or own, or read) brought back great memories. Which is your favorite? I haven’t posted a literary update in almost 2 months. Granted, one of these books took about a month itself. Hillary Mantel is a British author whom writes narratives based on fact, framed inside pivotal historical moments. A Place of Greater Safety is set during the French Revolution. It is long, slow, and completely worth it. All the great characters like Robespierre, Marquis de Lafayette, and Marie Antoinette are here. I follow Rolf Potts on twitter. He is one of the most prolific travel writers and has been in Conde’ Nast publications, sponsored by National Geographic, seen … Read More

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Animal Spirit

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Why are some people (mainly woman) more prone to dressing up their domestic animals? No doubt, it is the motherly doting nature. These zoo animals are hysterically fashionable. Some people really do get pets instead of children.   Like everything in the universe, there is the other extreme. The most dangerous and the largest cat in the wild is the Amur. If you were born and bred to survive the arctic Siberian weather terrain, you’d be a badass too. As the encyclope­dic reference Mammals of the Soviet Union puts it, ‘The general appearance of the tiger is that of a huge physical force and quiet confidence, combined with a rather heavy grace.’   ‘Picture the grotesquely muscled head of a pit … Read More

BrockaAnimal Spirit

Reading Out Loud

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Reading is a very solitary hobby. The words are only heard in the mind as our brain starts building images around the scenery and characters. Have you ever read a book which compelled you to start reading out loud because it was so moving you felt you couldn’t keep the words inside?! Probably not. This is an unusual book review, seeing as I’m not just sharing the book but pimpin the author. I’ve read thousandsssss of hours in my life. I also have this weird aversion to  watching anything i’ve seen a second time or reading a book I’ve already read a second time. Once I’ve seen or read or heard, movin on… I know, it’s a shame; we often … Read More

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