The Advantage

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In Malcolm Gladwell’s latest book, David and Goliath: Underdogs, Misfits, and the Art of Battling Giants he illuminates many ways in which the underdog actually has the upper hand. ‘The book is about what happens when ordinary people confront giants. ‘Giants’ are powerful opponents such as oppression, misfortune, and disabilities.’ As often is the case, it’s all about perspective; and certainly after reading this book, it’s all about the details. What we perceive as being a weakness can be used as an advantage. An example (I thought of) is the strengthening of all other faculties when one is shut down or useless, think Stevie Wonder’s music acumen even though blind. Or when we break a limb, we are forced to … Read More

BrockaThe Advantage

Idle Time

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You are neglected like a red-headed step child. You are out of sight, out of mind. Coincidentally, i’ve been receiving blogs in my inbox, in which I’d forgotten I signed up for, because they’ve been on summer hiatus; so that’s what I’ll chalk this up to. Now as September wanes,  let’s do as the French and à la rentrée (the idiom to return back to school after summer) It is about time. How we spend it. Priorities. Selfishness prevails, every time.   The ancient Greeks had two words for time: chronos and kairos. Chronos is clock time. It moves sequentially. It is linear. We can calculate it. Kairos is about moments — strictly speaking, moments of opportunity — and there is no clock … Read More

BrockaIdle Time

Between the Pages

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These types of questions always interest me as a heavy reader:                                          How Reading Makes Us More Human ‘Her argument is that “deep reading,” the kind of reading great literature requires, is a distinctive cognitive activity that contributes to our ability to empathize with others; it therefore can, in fact, makes us “smarter and nicer,” among other things.’ Also, there is a freedom in reading which allows us to acknowledge a darker part of ourselves. The immoral behavior or despicable thoughts a character gets away is healthy in knowing our own psyches. And yes, through the story we see the repercussions … Read More

BrockaBetween the Pages

Lit Behind Me

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It was an interesting month of reading during the past month of May, to say the least. One thing is for certain, I am author loyal. When I read anything I like, I backtrack on what else has been written by the person, and anticipate what they’ll put out in the future. It keeps my stacks tall and shelves heavy. One woman’s work I’ve had on the periphery of my mind is Mary Roach. She picks a singular topic and rips it to shreds with her very morbid curiosity. No faint of hearts or sensitive stomachs should read her work. The most recent book, Gulp, was spotlighted on NPR, and after hearing the interview with her, I decided to get … Read More

BrockaLit Behind Me

On Writing

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  We’ve moved beyond the notion that ‘everyone is a salesman’ (still true) to ‘everyone is a writer’, whether we are classified as such or not. Since there are very few not tapped into some form of social media, the posting, the tweeting, the texting, these ‘etchings’ still distinguish us. Even though they are just forms of communication, how we do it gives clues to our character. A real writer gives body, depth, context, and acquaintance with their topic. This is why a little Yelp review isn’t a full-fledge food critic, but a song writer can be a storyteller. I follow a number of writing blogs, and there is really ONE theme ALL professional (paid) writers (dead and alive) admit … Read More

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