A Snail’s Pace

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Or a slow and steady climb; that’s what i prefer to call it. Closing in on the finish line of the 6 songs for my demo. Now I’m on the music video task for 2 of them. Pulling out the creative stops. About this time of the month, I do a little review of books I’ve read in the last month. I’d come across a French author in one of my expat blogs, so i ordered about 8 of her books and the newest. Started from the oldest and worked my way through 6 1/2 thus far. Private detective stories narrated by a female p.i. Each book is in a different neighborhood. Paris is actually set-up like a snail; starting … Read More

BrockaA Snail’s Pace

Suck It Up

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It’s a hard knock life. I love this Cracked article on how you better step up your game! 6 hard truths to make you a better person; we need to be reminded every once in awhile. After reality sets in, here is the perfect LinkedIn post on the Best Advice some of the most reputable people in the world have ever gotten. Standing out often involves being on the edge of innovation, something different, something exceptional. These photographs are pretty scary   Hope you don’t have a fear of heights.

BrockaSuck It Up