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Sundays should invoke ritual, whether one is religious or atheist.

I find myself more meditative in my daily task; I find myself hearing scripture out of literature or podcasts; I see myself seeking some sort of downtime regardless. Time is a framework, and we certainly behave accordingly.

I often treat Sundays as mock-vacation.  Ask yourself, what do you differently on vacation than at home? Walk, tour, cultural arts, dine well…

You don’t need to hop on a plane for this.

“Sunday is the golden clasp that binds
together the volume of the week.”
– H.W. Longfellow

I’ve never had a plan or an idea for what I write once a week. I just look at the time and see *now* sit down and compose something. Seat of the pants, literally. Flyby words.

A blessing and a curse. I can get it done but often with some mediocrity. What if I gave this more than half a damn?

I just don’t want to stop or give out in the interim. Keep showing up. [there’s new design and new images and updated everything to come]

I come home after work and I shower and I have a glass of wine and I start sending myself little pseudo-post, and journal entries, and biographical exposures to my iPhone notes…and they accumulate and they accumulate and they accumulate and ‘one day’ I say

When will I just post everyday?

You would think I’d consider myself at such an advantage: no one reads my blog so I may as well be exactly who I idealize my writing self as being. But as much as I am an introvert, I’m not an isolationist; and I’m human, meaning we thrive in groups and I need feedback and encouragement.

Yes, go ahead. The world is of billions. Who finds me and stays my winding course is all that matters. You should heed these same words for your personal life too.

We are both tribal with groups and divided by groups. We keep our people close, regardless of internet exposure or exceptional fame of any sort. These two things are true simultaneously.

Conflicting truths can exist simultaneously. Reflect on this when you read politics. Stop thinking one way or another. Stay open-minded. But, stay forthright in your values.

Time is short.

Time is linear.

Time is infinite.


Earth Day. Shouldn’t it be everyday? Every day.

I don’t need a policy, a regulation, a law, a fine, or a march, a sign or a shout-out. The earth is regenerative just like time. This doesn’t mean be an outright abuser. Recycle; eat less meat or none [when you do, non-factory farmed]; use less plastic or none; hang clothes to dry then fluff vs. dry with high-energy heat; shut off the light after leaving a room; use fans vs. a/c; use a mini room heater in the room you’re in vs. central heating. Yes, it all adds up! Each state in the U.S. has an entirely different climate. There should be no additional regulation, no tax payer fees, generally. You can’t advise that sun panels be placed on roofs in Seattle. Get them for homes in Vegas or Arizona. Each state can generate what best suits their climate. The private sector is best suited to produce our best results, period.


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