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Would you believe I was in bed by 7:30 pm last night. Not necessarily asleep, but still. I just couldn’t go any longer.

The reads and listens of March 2018 is up. The title in the header menu shouldn’t solely be called Books, but Books-Podcasts if we’re being honest.

Having both my intentional Sunday evening post coincide with the prior month’s documentation of reads, I opted to get the latter up. I also saved myself time by not mentioning a couple other books. I attempted to read Michael Wolff’s Fire and Fury. Yes, his book is old news now, but I was on a waiting list at the library. I wasn’t spending money on it. I only got a third of the way. I must be honest here: his writing was not as terrible as I’d been led to believe via a few excerpts I’d read; I found him personally less derogatory towards Trump and more articulating what those around him did and said; there was a lot I could acknowledge as true; there is a lot Wolff has now admitted as false; I didn’t want to waste anymore time on the book. A bit of curiosity gained.

Even after the highly rated 60 Minutes conversation with Stormy Daniels, a lot of what we got with Trump was already baked into the cake. And the reason it rated highly has more to do with sex as a human intrigue verses people tuning in for a surprise bombshell on Trump’s character. The main reason the Left is so ludicrous about her is because they still have no evidence to impeach Trump on Russian collusion. There is so much vicious disgust and visceral hatred of the man, any thing that could blow one strand of his comb over over, they will cling to.

I find myself with an advantage, being an observer of sorts. I am grateful that I’m not in the columns or commentary business. It is a damn shame a few people have stopped talking to me over some of this. But that’s on them and a bit of self-aggrandizement.

I will admit, I am really hating the manipulation of students who would be better served in counseling for their PTSD, than propped up on CNN regurgitating what they’ve been coached into saying. They are proxies. Just need to matter-of-fact that.

The bulk of my podcasts listening comes in the form of political commentary, political interviews, and/or actual news reporting. From both sides of the aisle to the in-betweeners. I’m in it for the human sociology and the sheer excitement of the times. I’m in it for the history being made and the history I feel apart of. I’m in it for the intelligent few I revere and their wisdom imparted about life, in general. I do not include these podcasts in my monthly reflections. When I put up a page exclusively for podcasts, then I’ll note them.

If you don’t watch news or read papers or scroll twitter, life is pretty damn good. As a matter of fact, it’s the greatest time to be alive! The first third of Steven Pinker’s book Enlightenment Now makes the case. Even the WHO says there is less hunger and poverty than ever.

Always worth keeping perspective. Of course if I were on the side of the hysterics I may be saying history is on my side, ‘Vive la Revolution!

I’m just more Vive le livre! 🙂 Books of March




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