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“In a sense, the political left’s attempts to silence ideas they cannot, or will not, debate are a confession of intellectual bankruptcy.” -Thomas Sowell

Who are the arbiters of truth?

Last year YouTube quietly started employing a radically different theory: Instead of filtering out the bad videos, it’s easier to bury them in an onslaught of good ones. With Creators for Change, the streaming company hand-selects a group of young creators and endows them with funding, resources, training, and publicity. Over the summer, Lapowsky attended a gathering of these creators, which she writes about in a profile this week.

“It’s not hard to see what YouTube gets out of the program: a built-in brigade of likeable, compelling spokespeople, who fully believe in what the company is trying to accomplish,” she writes. Whether the community becomes something more than a marketing stunt, and provides a similar benefit to the filmmakers and YouTube’s broader community—well, that remains an open question. Wired article

The people chosen and the examples of outreach given in the article seem very well intentioned; so it makes even less sense why a multitude of Prager University videos have been taken down. Here is the list of 80+ videos YouTube has restricted.

And what kind of training are these arbiters really getting? Who’s providing it?

The death of the First Amendment in cyberpsace

“In short, Big Tech has pivoted from the stubbornly principled ‘viewpoint neutrality”’of the First Amendment towards the European approach of ‘balancing’ free speech against competing interests.” 

I have been in London many times this year working with Penguin Random House UK, the greatest publishing house. In front of the BBC Studios there is a statue of George Orwell, and its presence gave rise to this video. // Update: YouTube placed this video by Penguin UK on free speech in Restricted Mode. It’s about George Orwell and the parliamentary tradition. -JBP

Finally, I am continuously baffled how it is considered racist to want to stop-limit illegal immigration! Calling someone racist is a perfect example of using ones free speech to shut another down without having to engage in any debate. The Left continuously wants to make up the rules as they go.

Tomorrow is the day. The midterm elections have everyone on edge and on the edge of their seats…

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