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This upcoming week is about the ego.

Internalizing and reflecting.

We are showman and we are questioning what we show.

I’ve been on a purge: deleting history, deleting accounts, minimizing my presence…all deliberately.

Is this an opportunity to wipe the slate clean and harness a specificity? Even if it is isn’t so deliberate, now is the time. Don’t question it.

Deep breaths.


nudenora is me, but I have larger boobs

Leave or walk away when you need to.

Ever since I was little I had a certain anxiety about making decisions. I ran circles around my thoughts like a triathlete. Quickly I learned the benefits of process of elimination. There is so much; there is always so much; especially now. The much is always growing.

Leave behind or let go of what isn’t working. No doubt, no debate.

This upcoming week is great.

I personally want to pull back, pull in.


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