Projecting on Poetry

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Maybe I am projecting. Maybe the thought ‘poems’ elicits the sound of birds chirping on a cool breezy day while strolling by the waterside.


Firstly, let’s presume there are two types of people in the world: those who read poetry and those who don’t. Very few are occasional readers. I’d wager, listening to music is how 90% of the population consumes poetry. Yet, if these listeners were asked to read poetry, there’d be reluctance and discomfort.


Because reading, or worse! reciting poetry, is fraught with an over romanticized, snobbish, intellectual pomposity; or simply, it’s perceived as boring and unapproachable because we have no freakin idea what the writer is really trying to say. Of all forms of writing, poetry is the most subjective. In order to be created, the writer is analyzing. Then, the reader has to turn around and over analyze what was analyzed to create the metaphors, similes, symbolism, and provocation, with a dash of overwrought and overthought (often)…

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Poetry wants to carry a heavier weight.
It builds an insurmountable barricade for not disclosing what is really being said while simultaneously disdaining the reader for ‘not getting it’
While being perceived as intellectually superior, engagement with it is also frivolous and carefree
Thus, we don’t have time for it.
We listen to music but poetry requires deliberate intention and investigation.
It is both blissful and daunting.
Much more useless than blissful -unless your a professional songwriter.
Collectively, we consider poems as associated with love and sonnets
or unrequited love
or melancholic misunderstood artist.
It’s a safe escape and used as an escape
-the escape can be safe and healing.
Absolutely, intentionally subjective
Do you even get my subject?
Titles often give it away
Whatever is being written or recited, it begs to take a shape, to find order.
Regardless of words rhyming, there is rhythm in the words.
How it is spoken, or how it is read make up most of the point.
The meaning will always be more personal than understood.
One can scatter words with no similar theme on the paper like Jackson Pollack splashes paint, and call it poetic.
This is not my kind of art or my poem.
Maybe this is my animosity, towards the people who get away with this
Don’t hum if you want to be called a singer.
Say it all the way.
Regardless of words rhyming, there is a rhythm in the words.
The meaning will always be more personal than understood.
And this is the point of poetry:
No one needs to get it, but it has to be put down.

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BrockaProjecting on Poetry

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