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Of course I couldn’t write up a food post this past Thursday like I said I would, after the ‘week that was’. Monday I went to work with a new set of contacts in my eyes, but each in the wrong eye! The world was fuzzy all day. Nice metaphor. Tuesday I deliberately went to bed at my scheduled bedtime, not a moment later – as I knew the U.S. presidential results wouldn’t be in till the next day. And I will frankly, honestly say: I woke Wednesday exalted and excited. I didn’t vote for either Hillary or Trump. I was initially relieved Hillary wasn’t our new commander in chief. I was just resolved to living with a Trump administration. Here is why: he is deplorable and we know it. He is the extreme version of many things we detest. He is a character in a novel we read and only understand as a character.

Hillary is literally all the things that are awful about her. And more emphatically, she deliberately seeks out these behaviors. Deliberate intention is different than ignorance. It reminds me of a thesis paper I wrote for a Humanities class on the difference between stupidity and ignorance; a topic I deliberately chose. I would prefer an ignorant person over a stupid person. I would prefer an ignorant person with minimal information than a stupid person making a choice between two awful things. I would prefer an unintelligent person over a deliberately corrupt person. Essentially, a stupid person knows the difference between wrong and right and chooses wrongly. An ignorant person is making decisions from minimal information, minimal life experience, fewer environments to negotiate.

Let’s suppose Donald Trump has had everything handed to him on a silver platter. He pressed pedal to the medal all through life expecting a result. He threw temper tantrums like a child for not getting his way. At worst he is impatient and results driven. Aren’t we all on our best work days! His belief about what he wants and how he will get it is easier to surmise than a manipulative person who is always playing two sides.

Regarding two sides, I know another thing: We are living in an extreme time. We are living within the pendulum swing of one or the other. And it’s AWESOME. Let me repeat, this is great.  Swinging between extremes is necessary to find a balance. All of this is necessary. And I’m less afraid of Trump. I was greatly afraid of Hillary. All of Trump’s 3 grown children are moving to Washington to be apart of his ‘circle’. This thrills me to no end. Because we do know two (2) things confidently about him: he worships the ground his children walk on and he treats them like no other persons in his life. He listens to them, if only them. And if you’re a woman worried about female rights, you have Ivanka on your side. I’ve been a fan of hers for 8+ years, and you have nothing to worry about here. Secondly, he holds people accountable. The holding people accountable will be an asset.

I posted a couple intensive commentaries on Facebook in the first days of his win (which I’ve now deleted, because I equally loathe the food post on Instagram as much as the political post on FB) But a point I did make was his actual moderate-ness. He said things to win a demographic but will not go forward 100% on those things. A bet I’m willing to wager. Going forward, I will acknowledge the facts and what I have to live with, but I will absolutely not give him free passes or easy slides. But I’m sure as hell not pulling my hair out and wailing in tears about a fact I can’t change. Or protesting and destroying property, thus proving why the Left didn’t win! I will tear him apart like a torrential rain storm when it is necessary, don’t doubt. I am an observer first and foremost and will comment as such.

We are riding this wave together.

As for this blogging. will I ever post when I say I’m gonna post? It would not be my modus operandi. Fuck’s sake I’m doing good to be committed to Sundays. And I do love this moment. I’m waiting for it to be the inhale-exhale, the need to eat, the need to sleep, the involuntary blinking function. Baby steps. I’m still in the reading and research phase of a few projects. I’m in the flushing out characters and dialogue mode of a book which has weighed my psyche for years. And as I’ve mentioned in a post past, it has become essential to whittle down the incoming. Focus focus focus. Eliminate distractions.

Stay the course, as an ex always said to me. Whatever it is, just stay the course.

This moment is the course we are taking -whether chosen or not. When we relax into it, we find our stride and we stop panicking enough to come up for air. Wherever you are with the results of this election, the next day did come and will continue to come. And we will all survive this.

I have rarely-to-never blogged about politics and will continue to NOT, but I would be remise to not clarify where I stand and why I spoke out as I did on Facebook initially. The week is done now. #Sundayeveningpost


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