Read For the Raw Truth

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The 200th anniversary of Charles Dickens is today. I love reading, love love love it! When people ask me what I enjoy most, I always say the same thing, ‘I will read anything, even sci-fi, except Harlequin romance.’ It’s similar to my dictum that I will listen to any music, except twangy country or big brassy band. There are people that only read for pleasure, mostly fiction. And there are people that believe, should the time be invested, it may as well be for the knowledge in non-fiction. It is often said during school that reading history helps us to not only understand the past, but anticipate similar scenarios in the future and be better prepared for repeated unfortunate cycles … Read More

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I go through periods when I remember my dreams very vividly and periods of a week or so where I feel as if I don’t dream at all. I used to be very into analyzing them using 2 different reference books I still own; I no longer do this, but maybe because I’m fairly familiar with what a lot of the themes represent in association with my life and what is transpiring. Regardless, I find it fascinating that our subconscious can come up with the most random and out of place events or settings. Truthfully, I feel disconnected from myself in some ways when I don’t remember them. I love waiting till Im so deliriously sleepy before attempting to sleep; … Read More


Faith is Trust

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Most associate the word faith with religion, because most faith is used in and defined by trusting god. To me, faith is solely synonymous with trust, period. Regardless of religion, the more one utilizes faith (trust), the less worry you will have in your life. Worry is projecting into the future with an added dose of fear. We can not control the future, nor can we control and/or anticipate other people’s behavior. That being said, we must suspend a little faith into every given day that things will run smoothly with our friends reliability, partners loyalty, and business fairness. And with our own desires, we must have faith that what we want will come to pass. Maybe it doesn’t turn … Read More

BrockaFaith is Trust

Connect Before the Unexpected

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One morning last week I received a call from one of my mother’s friends whom I see maybe twice a year. So it was random. ‘So sorry to bother you this early, I figured if anyone would know what Kabbalah is, so I called you….I got invited to this thing…things really need to change. I just need to do something different, it’s time.’ I found nothing unusual about this call coming from her, as I am aware of some of her miserable circumstances. Her trepidation in the call had more to do with being ignorant of the practice, a derivative of Judaism. Often, and unfortunately, it takes a breaking point before we seek solace or answers outside of ourselves. And these breaking … Read More

BrockaConnect Before the Unexpected

Will-power To Fail

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There are very few things that bother me more than being let down when i get my hopes up about something or someone. I usually don’t get excited until the actual event is upon me or the person is with me or the object is in my hands. I kinda consider myself a cautious optimist. And i never share good news until it is happening or already happened. Worse than being disappointed is having to also explain to other people: the fall-out, the cancellation, the mistake. So i wait…until it’s sure. The expectations I have for myself will always surpass by leaps and bounds any that others may have for me. Therefore, I really don’t like to let myself down. … Read More

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