NOW and Always

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Depression is the opposite of Expression. The #1 form of expression is doing something for someone else. Get out of your own head and lend a hand. Giving a hand will heal your heart. This will at least take attention away from what is being spent on exhaustive thoughts. We can not make beneficial choices and decisions when our faculties are fatigued. Negativity is both physically and mentally depleting. Again, re-charge the self by thinking about or helping out another person. This removes one from their head and elevates the mood for better decision making.

BrockaNOW and Always

Somethin Somethin Somethin, Anything!

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It’s been way too dang (she really really really wants to say ‘damn’) long once again!!! Instead of going through my usual ‘I need this to be more thought-provoking’ than the usual ‘this is what I ate and drank’ today kinda post, I may as well go to that extreme just to build up the consistency. No offense, most of you are a little too genius for me and I have to compensate with well-thoughtout commentary 😉 Aside, I am now going to ask any or all of my (2?) readers to hold me better accountable, to just sit down to write. My problem is not that I have little to say; it is the exact opposite. I have so … Read More

BrockaSomethin Somethin Somethin, Anything!

The Heat of Mexico

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A few weeks back, I flew into Cancun Mexico to divide my time between two friend’s condos over a period of a week. My very best girlfriend since the age of 8 has a place there with here 3 yr old daughter and her husband. After traveling there over the past few years and building up great friendships, they bought a place. They live in the city center of Playa del Carmen, a mere few blocks from the beach. Even though they’re in the center of restaurants, shops, discos and store fronts catering to both locals and tourist, it is still a concrete jungle. The day sun is relentless; the concrete could sear a piece of meat. The air is … Read More

BrockaThe Heat of Mexico

Meeting in the Middle

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Life is often about doing things we don’t want to do. I do not always want to load the dishwasher or fold laundry, but the underlying desire for a clean kitchen and unwrinkled clothing overrides. When people speak of doing what one is passionate about, not only does it imply they don’t loathe their job, but more often than not, they are getting to live in the place where the desires are in line with the obligations; being excited and enthusiastic about doing the ‘chores’ to reach the goal. Really, when we aren’t interested, it is dreadful. This is great in respect to jobs and vocations/hobbies. But what about relationships? These too, take time, effort, patience, conversations and a myriad … Read More

BrockaMeeting in the Middle

Too Much of a Good Thing

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-A post on reflections over the last week. There was an abundance of delicious food, strong drinks, delightful conversation and sexual appetite. Personal reflection and a little bit more growth lends to a productive conclusion regardless. Beginning with Monday, I finally agreed to a dinner with a guy that has pursued me sporadically over the last year and Ive continually blown off. It was a pleasant surprise. One, we never know people until we take the time to get to know them. AND even in time, we never fully know people. So there! But I was propelled to discuss with him the BIG difference between finding someone attractive (physically) and BEING (over a period of time) attracted to them (their … Read More

BrockaToo Much of a Good Thing