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 Spring has arrived and summer is soon to follow. Those that wear jewelry lighten their look with silver, but I have always been a gold wearer. These Sperry Topsliders are going to be one of my main walking shoes in Europe too. Taking a picture of a these few summer accessories elicited memories of my great grandmother. Mainly because there’s some superstition a Jewish friend once told me about regarding placing shoes on a table. Anyone? My great grandmother on my mother’s side, was a very superstitious person. She had some Cherokee Indian in her, so I’ll chalk it up to that. I must have gotten some of my meticulous clean-freak characteristics from her, too. When she died at 89, … Read More


Who Are You?

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When we meet someone for the first time, we immediately ask what they do for a living. We have been conditioned to do so. Since we spend the majority of our hours in a day doing work, it makes perfect sense. Rarely what we do describes a large chunk of our character though, or even an insight into our personality traits. Sometimes it might, like if a person works for a non-profit replacing female vets into the workforce; we may presume this person has a good character. But other times, even if what we are doing is something we are really passionate about, it is only one layer of our self. On social networks, we can express only what we … Read More

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Non-Politically Correct Irony

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‘After reading the headlines about the US soldier who shot up Afghanistan civilians, I couldn’t help noticing an irony. There is all this clamor to try the guy quickly while emphasizing that he will probably face the death penalty and be executed, never mind his having suffered a traumatic brain injury. Yet Major Hassan, who shot up Fort Hood while screaming Allah Akbar, still hasn’t stood trial, and they are still debating whether he was insane, even with the clear evidence regarding his motive: slay as many infidels as possible.  So we have a guy in a war zone who cracks, and he must be tried and probably executed immediately, but this Muslim psychiatrist who was stateside in a nice safe … Read More

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I have always believed jealousy to be lack of confidence. It is either lack of confidence in the relationship or lack of confidence in the direction of our own life. We need confirmation from our romantic partner in order to feel secure about where we stand with them. When being jealous of other’s lives, their success or their objects, we are feeling insecure about our own direction and/or uncertain that it will lead us to our own success; or simply unsatisfied with where we are. Thank goodness I have never been bugged with the ‘jealousy’ characteristic. In a relationship, my thought has been, if the person I’m dating simultaneously wants someone else, they need to go on and not waste … Read More


To Feel and To Know…

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Love is a verb. It is the behavior in the relationship. Love is the sacrifice and the compromise. Lust and infatuation are the emotions from the chemicals at the beginning of the dating process. I don’t mean to sound so unromantic about the process, but I do mean to express maturity about what it takes to sustain a relationship. And any adult that has experienced a longterm relationship understands this reality. In truth, we would all like for the ‘lusting after’ and being in love part to run the entire course of the relationship too. Why do we pursue dating without the promise or guarantee of love? Because we are selfish. This is the truth. The act of courting is … Read More

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