Dining: Alinea in Chicago

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It is not just dining; it’s an experience. It is not just tasting, but engaging all your senses. Participating is not what you expect, utensils and applications are not typical. This is not one plate, fork and knife comfort food. This is multiple tiny surprises that culminate into anticipated pleasure. There is no monotony; there is anxiousness and excitement. The end result is like leaving a play of many acts or a gallery of gorgeous paintings, thus resulting in an appreciation for art and a new pleasure found. The added benefit is not being hungry. The more expensive a meal is, the more hands have touched every component of the plate. There is so much attention to detail and delicate … Read More

BrockaDining: Alinea in Chicago

What If?

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We could live our lives in the state of ‘what if?’. Every day we are one more day ahead of decisions that could’ve been made differently on the day(s) prior. Even when we are confident in the decisions that we make and the path we are choosing, there are always other options. Always. And this infinite state of options helps to prove my theory for ultimate happiness. Happiness is being happy in the present moment. Our fallibility suggest though, that even when we are ecstatically happy in the present moment, the moment itself holds so much anticipation. And there we are living in the future. The worst kind of living is ‘in the past’. We can all agree on this, … Read More

BrockaWhat If?

Strange Encounters

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Let me preface this account by illustrating how sweet and joyous my mother is. She is the epitome of a ‘never met a stranger’ type. Here’s an example: She just shared with me a curious encounter she had with a young black boy in a Walgreen’s drugstore. As she was shopping around, she noticed this young wiry kid (under 15yrs old) loitering between the aisles killing time waiting on whomever he was with that happened to be at the pharmacy. Fairly quickly, he approached her and struck up immediate conversation ‘What are you shopping for? can i help you find anything..?’ Soon the conversation turned to his age and school and difficulties in getting into the high school he wanted … Read More

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¬†Spring has arrived and summer is soon to follow. Those that wear jewelry lighten their look with silver, but I have always been a gold wearer. These Sperry Topsliders are going to be one of my main walking shoes in Europe too. Taking a picture of a these few summer accessories elicited memories of my great grandmother. Mainly because there’s some superstition a Jewish friend once told me about regarding placing shoes on a table. Anyone? My great grandmother on my mother’s side, was a very superstitious person. She had some Cherokee Indian in her, so I’ll chalk it up to that. I must have gotten some of my meticulous clean-freak characteristics from her, too. When she died at 89, … Read More


Who Are You?

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When we meet someone for the first time, we immediately ask what they do for a living. We have been conditioned to do so. Since we spend the majority of our hours in a day doing work, it makes perfect sense. Rarely what we do describes a large chunk of our character though, or even an insight into our personality traits. Sometimes it might, like if a person works for a non-profit replacing female vets into the workforce; we may presume this person has a good character. But other times, even if what we are doing is something we are really passionate about, it is only one layer of our self. On social networks, we can express only what we … Read More

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