Nature Abhors a Vacuum

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-Aristotle  Essentially this means, where there is an empty space, matter goes to fill it. This being said, I am no longer involved in my dessert business. Over the last week, sadly, I have been devastating clients as I’ve let them know I’m no longer pursuing the business. I have closed down shop, metaphorically. My dessert site will be changing to more of a desserts blog, because I do still have a creative, healthy desserts taste bud. 12 years ago when I first got into the massage business, I knew at the outset, it was merely for a trade skill and not a career path. Similarly, when I started the dessert business 6 years ago, I knew I didn’t want … Read More

BrockaNature Abhors a Vacuum

Post Europe Update

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Next week, I will be uploading photos and sharing a few bits from the trip; until then… Last night I made an off-handed  comment on twitter regarding once being very flat-chested. It instigated my reflecting on a few times in the past when I significantly transformed myself. I’ve been on the precipice of another big one for a while now. Leaving town for as long as i did was both deliberate (to really get away from my routine and adjust to some minor changes) and painful (literally i experienced withdrawals from routines) One day i did have a minor breakdown. It wasn’t so much the longing associated with homesickness but an anxiousness to get home to get things started over. … Read More

BrockaPost Europe Update

Being Real

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I have gotten into the habit of blogging on broader themes and veering away from the personal journal-logging that pervades much of the blogging community. I dont even subscribe to any personal blogs (yes to travel, politics, tech, etc..)and the food ones i read, i scroll right to the recipe and see if the ingredients are comprised of  anything id actually eat. Im kind of an asshole  about my diet. (not when i eat out with people, just when i stock my own fridge and pantry) Back to the point, it is absolutely selfish and lazy of me to not blog with any consistency; because i have great stories. Im not trying to sound boastful, but i need to start … Read More

BrockaBeing Real

Dennis Prager Speaks at Socrates in the City Event

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The unexamined life is not worth living –Socrates A bit over a decade ago, a group of intellectuals in Manhattan decided to form a group for delving into philosophical thought. These meetings would invite various intellectuals from all over the world in order to broach topics deeper than the cocktail conversations that were/are most pervasive in New York liberal society; questions and answers about God, ethics, morals, values, and the counterpoints that go with them. Eventually a book was born highlighting  these lectures: Life, God and Other Small Topics. get the book Dennis Prager, a man I highly revere and have grown to know as one of our greatest living intellectuals, spoke on his latest book. If you are unfamiliar … Read More

BrockaDennis Prager Speaks at Socrates in the City Event

Dining: Alinea in Chicago

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It is not just dining; it’s an experience. It is not just tasting, but engaging all your senses. Participating is not what you expect, utensils and applications are not typical. This is not one plate, fork and knife comfort food. This is multiple tiny surprises that culminate into anticipated pleasure. There is no monotony; there is anxiousness and excitement. The end result is like leaving a play of many acts or a gallery of gorgeous paintings, thus resulting in an appreciation for art and a new pleasure found. The added benefit is not being hungry. The more expensive a meal is, the more hands have touched every component of the plate. There is so much attention to detail and delicate … Read More

BrockaDining: Alinea in Chicago