To Sleep, Perchance To Dream?

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Embarrassingly whacked-out dreams last night. From holding someone hostage to sex with dire repercussions, to runway walking in platform shoes for a lesbian dictator…that was in the first few hours. I woke with loads of energy regardless. Who knows. I stopped trying to analyze them years ago; now they’re just short stories in my journals. The surprising truth about sleep is how little we know about it’s purpose, but how absolutely crucial it is. I sleep a lot. When i don’t, i look 10 yrs older, and i pretty much hate everything and everybody. Gosh, i wish that were a hyperbolic statement. I do believe my best functioning relationships are the one’s which have let me escape for a 25 … Read More

BrockaTo Sleep, Perchance To Dream?

Creative Genius?

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Once upon a time i knew this student at SMU who took Calculus 4, just to see if he could do it. He was a genius. He was also slovenly and unkempt. And the one time i peered past his front door into his apartment, it was a trash-hoarding pigsty; literally black garbage bags and stacks of papers and boxes. It’s a fair generalization to make, that there’s a bit of madman or mental illness tied to genius, and even creativity. The Real Link Between Creativity and Mental Illness. I guess i should just call my dispositions mood swings then, since ‘mental illness is neither necessary nor sufficient for creativity.’  Truth be told, one of the main reasons I know i’m doing exactly what i … Read More

BrockaCreative Genius?


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Another of life’s inevitabilities. When i play my songs for people, my voice is compared to Sarah McLachlan by 3 out of 5. Not the same music style, but this makes me happy. And i’m getting closer to done, a couple music videos to go, but getting ANXIOUS to share with EVERYBODY! Some of you may geek-out on this Science Fiction Spaceships Comparison When you are being interviewed for a job, you are absolutely being compared to the other applicants. Check out these more obscure interview questions from Apple, Google, and Amazon I’m a minimalist when it comes to home decor (& in my monochromatic dressing) I love how these city posters are similarly designed using the icons of each … Read More


Put It Out There

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  It can be difficult to fully express ourselves; be vulnerable, raw, and exposed. It also turns out to be the most beautiful, beneficial, and fulfilling thing. And for those who don’t appreciate it or reciprocate, it is their loss. I’ve realized i shouldn’t feel ridiculous when i’ve been especially transparent; it’s those whom are shut-down and insecure or out of touch with their emotions who are short-changing themselves and their relationships. These detailed and stunning pastoral paintings are done on the outside of books.   This had to have taken serious sketching out and brainstorming.                                          3-D collages of bookshelves. … Read More

BrockaPut It Out There

Forever Is A Long Time

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No we aren’t discussing marriage. (all of my readers would wonder what the hell happened to Brocka?!) We are talking immortality. This isn’t so far off. (pun) Would you really want to live forever? I don’t believe 75% of people would. A poll hasn’t been taken, but that’s my assumption. A Google Health company called Calico just launched this week, and it does believe it can prevent aging. Here’s the 411. WTF is Calico? ‘In an interview with TIME Magazine, Google CEO Larry Page implied that dramatically extending human life is one of Calico’s main goals; not making people immortal per se, but, according to a source familiar with the project, increasing the lifespan of people born 20 years ago by as much … Read More

BrockaForever Is A Long Time