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An appropriate segue with from the last post: I jumped ship off that baking business. Was it because I didn’t want to put in the continuous hard work to make it something better, more exceptional? I’m wanting to bail on this second song I’m currently in the studio producing. Everything lyrically has been reorganized and changed; it is not -at all- going where i thought it would. I can’t firmly say i hate it yet, but time is money. I will know definitively by Thursday. I hinted to the producer Monday about just shelving it, just starting another song i have ready. I was going very avant-garde. Fuck it, this is for me! He proposed structuring it commercially. Sure I … Read More



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  Reflection for Thowback Thursday The banana bread recipe post instigated a reflection on my previous (auto-correct spelling called it ‘precious’; I refrain from over-analyzing) gluten free, vegan dessert business of 6 years. I did a handful of savory things, but that was just for a handful of my clients. I had the business a year before my first website, entirely through a physical newsletter. By the time of its demise, I’d actualized two websites and worked with vegan and vegetarian caterers in Dallas providing their desserts, whole-selling to a couple stores, and doing how-to demo classes at Whole Foods and Sur la Table in Dallas and a few classes in NYC. I took it fairly far; so many don’t … Read More


Virtuous Banana Bread

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Every food blogger on the internet planet has two recipes under their belt – in their blogging recipe list: a banana bread and a chocolate chip cookie. Most likely they have many versions of both. There are equally so many people with so many different taste. Chocolate chip cookies are a much different and broader ball game to play than bread. Soft and fluffy, thin and crispy, crispy edges with soft centers, butter based or oil based, brown or white sugar…the deviations are numerous. There is one fact we should all give 100% more credit towards: vegan cookie dough is more virtuous and edible than a basic Tollhouse or any egg inclusive recipe. You have NO worries about salmonella. There … Read More

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It Is Personal

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I was building a new song last week. I was/am working with a producer with a solid music theory background. We work similarly. We build linearly. I have never played an instrument. (minus the dumb recorder in 5th grade) The only reason i would want to play an instrument is to control every aspect of a songs production. To feel more badass? I know myself well. If I’m left alone to do it all, I both miss out on another trained creative input AND I find myself in yet another place where I may be too comfortable being alone. I love alone and self-sufficiency too much. That is personal. Running a business similarly isn’t a good idea. Fully controlling anything … Read More

BrockaIt Is Personal


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Sunday evening. It is easy to reflect on, or feel overwhelmed by all the information our brains accumulate at the end of any given week. I rarely turn on my tv and when i do, yes, it is 1-3 news type channels for brief moments. This past week, I just wasn’t around to do so or in the mood for its repetitiveness on specific topics or coverage of one specific persons presidential run. As an aside, maybe a singular person would get less attention if you actually ignored them and stopped discussing them or their ridiculous policies via your social media channels. Ahem. Don’t you remember your mother telling you to ignore the bully or obtrusion? Eventually they get bored … Read More