Oh Say Can You See?

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This morning I was still reflecting on last night’s Creationism vs Evolution debate between Bill Nye &  Ken Ham. It was great, not because i think each gentleman showed their truest colors, but because of the freedom of our culture; opposing view points can co-exist, whether or not they’re copacetic. I don’t believe either person has all the answers for any person. I don’t believe the Bible is literal to a T. I believe both arguments reach dead-ends. I believe there can be a mutual cohabitation of science and religion, and believing in one doesn’t have to negate the other.

You can freely not give a damn about what either one says, too. If I met you in person, I’d probably consider you thoughtless, in the least, or pacifist in the extreme. Neither accomplishes much. Funny, last week I made a comment on social media regarding dating someone who wasn’t ‘into politics’ and my instinctive response was how they’d potentially bore me. This is also why it irritates me when people don’t inherently believe in American exceptionalism. It’s beginning to get brushed off more and more as a Tea Party hi-jacked term. I don’t need any party affiliation to remind me of this pride. It’s sad that others must be. One can believe in its exceptionalism and STILL think things need to be fixed, like gay marriage rights. The melting pot which is the U.S. means it’s kinda hard to pigeonhole anyone to any one thing or ideal. There exist Conservative Jews in New York City. There exist gay men with NRA memberships. There exist church goers whom also practice metaphysics and sit in meditation. The labels we once sat under, Democrat or Republican, seem to be disintegrating in the ways religion and science should begin converging. The more information we have…the more individual identity one can claim.

Why Both Bill Nye and Ken Ham were wrong.

These were the first 2 articles i read this morning, so you can see why i’m all over the place with my thoughts…and the bit of irony here:

New Afghanistan law to silence the victims of violence against woman

The End of American Exceptionalism

‘The very attributes conservatives say make America special—religiosity, patriotism, and mobility—are ones they’ve inadvertently undermined. Is it any wonder millennials are less impressed with their country?’

I’m sure liberal indoctrination has nothing to do with the new-found impression.


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