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I love you.

Who knew testosterone could be so beautiful. (no, these aren’t pictures of muscled men; it’s photo-micrographs of the hormone) Stunning



Man and his liquor. One man noticed each whiskey leaves it’s own beautiful residue at the bottom of the glass. These photographic images are so beautiful

vanishingspirits-2Here’s some potentially unfortunate news for men, this company is on its way to creating a suit which becomes transparent when you lie. Oops, busted!

Ok, this one is definitely a tearjerker. Back in the 70’s, the artist Marina Abramovic (she does live conceptual art performances) and her lover Ulay decided to end their relationship after an intense affair. When they both agreed it had run its course, they  decided to walk the Great Wall of China, each from one end, meeting for one last time in the middle and then never seeing each other again. Until 2010, here.

Love it. As it should be.

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