Mainstream Media Inconsistency

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I try to rarely rant on Facebook, because I don’t want to be *that person*, but dammit, this is worthy of more than sounding off. I want to give you some perspective -incase you give no shits about news, politics, media behavior…

This is a microcosm example of a much larger problem. Trust me.


The Chinese hacking of Federal Employees is the worst act of espionage in our history and the mainstream media is spending more time on this Ashley Madison website hack. The MSM are mainly immoral liberals who love throwing the lack of values or goodness or anything Christian ideal into the face of the public, further perpetuating their idea that America isn’t the perfect haven comparative to the rest of the world. No, we aren’t. Humans are fallible. But America is exceptional and that is indisputable and not up for negotiations.
Here is why the Fed employee hacking is so destructive: a lot of these people have gone through psychological analysis for their job placement, so every minor detail of their life is open to being held for hostage. This whole country is VULNERABLE to one employee being held hostage by information out on them. It’s not just ‘I’m going to tell your marriage partner you are having an affair’, it is a matter of security and safety of this country! Most people are so selfish, focused on your feelings and your relationship. For the statistical record, both sexual psychologist AND relationship therapist AND religious clergy KNOW 75% of marriages can and DO survive extramarital affairs.

I would love to further this thought on relationships and what makes them destruct, but this is enough to digest. I have a relationship post in rough drafts, but I’m too emotionally attached to it currently, to be most objective. This weekend surely. I hope this opens your eyes in some way regardless.

I love you America, immigrants, people with solid work ethic, and people that want a decent life for themselves and don’t want to worry about *politics*; just, why can’t things run smoothly and joyously for a bit? Find a way to cultivate it for yourself.

Addendum: There is no “This too shall pass bible verse” in any translation of the Bible in existence today. There are derived examples of it in Corinthians This Too Shall Pass It originated with Persian Sufi poets. It is really a fable.


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BrockaMainstream Media Inconsistency

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