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but know what you might be losing too!
As I introduced myself into this blog: no one can speak our words for us.
Even if we are the “quiet as a mouse” type and live our live’s pleasantly letting other things proceed around us, while we run to and fro within job, career, family, friends, passions, heartache, and fun times.
…We all will reach the same point in our old age (god-willing) where all we have left are memories and stories, our words used to tell them. There is a funny quote about ‘if you ever want to be somebody, just become published’. Maybe this is why blogging is so important to people, regardless of the topic. Laying it out there…letting more than our own secret selves hear the thoughts in our head’s. Maybe this is just journaling in the age of our times, no less important or more important at the end. Im reflecting on this because when our words reach many ears, our chances of being shut-down increase, too.

Some people do become highly-qualified or well-studied enough for exposure; or down-right bloviated and opinionated enough to be known: books, news programs, tv/radio shows, youtube clips,etc…the more exposure, the more likely there is disagreement; such is our lovely diversity.
You can love or hate the man (or have no idea whom Im speaking of) but Michael Savage received a cancelation letter today on his chance to debate for the opposition, a topic on the sanity and necessity for political correctness. He has been banned from Britain, because of what he speaks of on his radio program, added to a list of murderers and terrorist! The whole situation is f’d up and convoluted. This scenario is similarly going down against Glenn Beck too. He draws alot of ire and irritation. You can love or hate either one of these guys; you can also not listen to their program or watch their shows. But considering everyone has an opinion all the time, this cant be turned off. Silencing it, because it is disagreed with does us all a dis-service.

You are shutting off your own voice. Everything is a sliding slope. Everything you are doing today is preparing you for tomorrow. Even though Glenn Beck is losing advertisers from his Fox show, Im not worried. His ratings are so high, because he does speak for alot of people that dont have a voice. His researchers do expose’s that no other’s are daring enough or willing to. Michael Savage speaks very frankly to the point of rudeness, and this rubs people the wrong way as well. It doesnt mean that what he is saying isnt true, though. Some politicians and bureaucrats are just down-right afraid.
Do your own research; put no value in their words at all. But their right to say them shouldnt be taken away either.

I have always been plain-spoken and logical about what i see around me. Sometimes I think: if the basic laws of nature offend you, then you arent living in reality- and I can’t help you there.
Im not ashamed to say that I am a feminine (more gentle) version of Michael Savage, I can be crudely observant, but respectful.
None of my friends have ever sought out my advice thinking I would be dis-honest. Tell it like it is. Let others do the same. And last time I checked, I wasnt living in Russia or Germany before the Berlin Wall fell, thanks America!

Here is the link on Savage

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