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This past week in internet investigation, I came across a number of awesome things.

I don’t even know where to begin with these images; plus the clever website name. Winning all over the place.



If little kids pulled off this level of creativity when playing with their food, no parent would refuse them dessert. These are all unbelievably cool designs.



This website horrified me. These are The Worst Things For Sale on the internet. At first some of the items seem harmless, but when you read the commentary under each, it gets you thinking :/ The further back you scroll in the post, the more frightening, eek!

What if your e-reader was hooked up to a projector and you could literally lay in bed and read off your ceiling?! Yes, i’ll be doing that in the future 😉 It’s called the MicroBook All it needs is a flat surface. Watch the cool explanatory vid.

Hope you’ve had a great weekend.

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