It’s Not About Guns

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Every time something tragic happens we want a reason for it. If we do not have an answer or can’t place blame, then we are left feeling vulnerable. This is the main reason conspiracy theories exist. The most simple explanation is too easy to accept. It is still the truth…

Guns prevent how horribly things can be And remember the Norwegian shooter incident, a place with the most restrictive gun laws! Crazy people will commit heinous acts regardless. There are more children killed in motor-vehicle accidents and domestic violence situations every day than these random shooters. 

The one thing this proves: Evil exist in the world. Society must raise good people. The worst thing would be to dis-arm well trained gun carriers. But sure enough, in minutes after the horrific tragedy was broadcast on tv almost every left-wing politician, celebrity, or pseudo-popular journalist-documentarian-pulpit whore immediately screamed out ‘More Gun Laws’. Idiots. We can not control how people behave or respond in ANY circumstance, ever. Sane, well-practiced gun carrying citizens is the safest bet to prevent such tragedies by demented people or at least off-set some of the damage one carries out by shooting him down. There will always be crazy, sick people in the world unfortunately. More restrictive gun laws DO NOT effect this fact. 

What’s worse is the notion that someone ‘snaps’. This argument fails because it implies that we are all walking around just as susceptible to snapping. Most people would only act out of character under a flight or fight survival response or if they were being tortured; the chances of any person being tortured are slim to none. Someone must develop a conscious or psychosis over time and/or have a mental disability to behave as horribly as this recent shooter. The gun laws prevented him from buying guns. It was his mother whom purchased the guns and let her autistic son practice at the range with her. This proves the level of stupidity in some people too! unfortunately we can’t outlaw stupid people.

My heart aches for the parents whom have lost their children to this crazed person, and my heart aches for the children whom survived and lost their innocence to this example of evil.

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BrockaIt’s Not About Guns

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