Going back years -the entire history of this blog, every comment on a book or post semi-devoted to a review, or casual mention of what I am anxious to get into, has seamlessly folded itself into my everyday kind of posting here. Therefore, I am truly disgruntled to have gone so long without a distinctive, separate page for books. They hold such an exclusive and exceptional place in my life. Reading is so many things to me: relaxation; study; vicarious experience; growth; a study in becoming a better writer. This is a bare bones rough draft of some pages I hope to further distinguish and give due respect. I don’t take myself or my choices too seriously, but I’m deliberate about what I invest time, money and mental space in. At the end of the day though, I’ve just gotta want to keep picking it up!

*read till the end **farther

Stands the Test of Time and (Generally) Favorite Contemporary Writers

Will build the rest of this out and expound further, so again rough draft here. The Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver is my absolute favorite book. Hands down. It’s been years since I’ve reread it, need to remedy this. As with any one book I enjoy, I tend to stay the course through the author’s entire body of work.

A Fine Balance /// The Unbearable Likeness of Being /// All the Light We Cannot See /// The Goldfinch

These authors: Hillary Mantel (history and historical fiction) /// all Ken Follett books (historical fiction) /// all John Burdett books (set in Bangkok where the author lives, Thai detective novels) /// all Haruki Marakami books (surrealism, fantastical of the everyday) /// all Alexander McCall Smith (multiple series: fiction to philosophy) /// Jonathan Franzen /// Jeffrey Eugenides /// Zadie Smith /// Gary Shteyngart /// Salman Rushdie /// I know I’m leaving some other faves out


Liberal Fascism Jonah Goldberg (all his writings) /// all Edward Rutherford (history of individual cities series) /// Sapiens and Homo Deus by Yuval Noah Harari /// all Malcolm Gladwell

Benjamin Franklin, A Biography (there are a couple great ones honestly) /// The Rise and Fall of Ancient Egypt /// Debt, The First 5,000 Years /// all Mary Roach /// all David Sedaris (both true and fake stories, real life comedy)

How To Find Time To Read

Even ten minute pockets is still reading. I accomplish an exceptional amount by sheer will and desire alone; also the allocation of time. I bookend my days with different genres. In the morning I read non-fiction: history, politics, and current events for a minimum of 25 minutes while drinking my tea or coffee. In the evening I lend towards the fiction, mystery, and fantastical. I have concluded I have more mental gusto in the morning for better digesting facts and studious thought. I also may place the very rare reading of spiritual, religious, or self-help style stuff on the weekends mainly. Random, I don’t believe I’ve ever read a book written by a feminist.

How to Find Another Book to Read

After you’ve finished something you enjoyed, turn to the back jacket and see which authors are cited on the blurb. Who put their own neck out there to vouch for it? Or stick with the author and go down a rabbit hole. There will never be a shortage of material.

*I do not sit with my iphone during reading times. The phone is not your friend while reading! The phone is a jealous bastard and does not have your intellectual or peaceful best interest at heart. You have been warned. It has already been demonstrated that the subtlest sound, most whimsical of whims can pull your eyes and hands like a magnet to that little electronic crying baby devil. You are also smart enough to pick a book you’re excited about reading because the specific topic interest you and you read other reader’s reviews; or an opinion you trust told you. You will not spend time on what doesn’t compel you towards it. There are millions more to choose from and no time to waste. In this mode, you will not text back, because you will be engrossed in a book. Only when you realize you need to eat something now! you will respond to the text and say ‘Let’s go eat!’ You will tell this person about the book you were reading and this is how we will slowly take over the world. The subtle evolving smarts and invigorating sane conversations. Tell me what you care about or are curious with, I will point you in the right direction. Contact me.

**or maybe you didn’t go out to eat, but instead texted back a picture of the book beside a plate of chips with salsa. They’ll get the hint.

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