Inevitable Discomfort

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While growing up I often heard vague advice on avoiding hot-topics like religion and politics in discussions with people I don’t know very well. Like sex, religion and politics are personal and often only on the block with well-known intimates, not in daily interactions.

No longer. What was once private is now exposed. Social media has removed the veil. You know exactly where one stands most of the time. There are still a handful of people with enough social grace to never participate or only offer as much as a food pic on Instagram or a family photo on Facebook. Few still leave all political viewpoints for sharing with their bed partner.

On the flip-side, some specifically open social media accounts to push their political view, religious belief or atheism, science based post, or a groupthink Facebook page to like. In positive ways, a barrier has been broken and we know exactly who our like-minded tribe members are. With so much happening so fast, it’s nice to know where to gravitate, generally. But we are also making snap judgements more quickly too; or at least we have to, if we are to keep up with all the drama. Despite the confidence each one of us feels towards who we’d likely grab a beer with, most of our behavior and choices are based in emotion and from a biased perspective. Very, very rarely are any of us completely objective.

The unfortunate reality is one sour thought or behavior can pigeon-hole someone. In the extreme example, one is seen to be ‘cultish’ about their belief, i.e. the raw foods vegan or the staunch supporter of a political candidate -even when we don’t know any other thing about the person! I’ve frequently made note of this here: humans aren’t one dimensional. There exist gay Christian conservatives, scientist who go to church every Sunday, fiscally conservative liberals, Jews and Muslims who eat pork… really an endless list. Of course, it is healthy to make a generalization when a person wants to commit evil.

One thing we may all collectively agree on is how emotionally exhausting it is -the weeding through and picking apart where to focus attention. Again, few never turn on any news. Those of us paying more attention have to wade through the muck of constructive or destructive policy, various agendas, and lobby-driven studies like the sugar lobby wanting to blame fat for obesity or global warming zealots wanting to deny the clean energy producing benefits of fossil fuels.
The biggest problem is sex, science, politics, and religion have been overlapping into each other for quite a while now. Add on personal emotion to these themes, and you see the conflict.
Art has historically been religious, but now it is more ideology and identity politics. Everyone wants to stand out or be recognized, and creatives are resorting to drastic measures. There isn’t much wrong with this, as any artist must pave their own way. An example of the constant overlap of politics into art is when a musician or actor takes a public stand on politics. You can throw a dart blindfolded and hit a celebrity with an opinion. Musicians making changes to their concert tour because of politics
Sex and sexuality are the most emotional and personal, and now even more political than ever: gay marriage rights, transgender rights, and bathroom labels.
Immigration is both political and emotional. The United States is country made up of immigrants, built on the sweat equity and literal backbone of immigrants…how can some of us not be emotional?

Here science and futurism have entered into the waters A Bridge to Cross the US-Mexico Border Using Robots

We have all collectively just acknowledged Earth Day. I say ‘acknowledge’, because some mock it and some celebrate. Does this imply the ones mocking don’t recycle or ride their bicycle? No.

Politics long ago infiltrated science in regards to global warming. Of course the temperature isn’t always commensurate with the warming label, so it is now called ‘climate change’.

What Really Happened After A Huge Asteroid Hit Earth 66 Million Years Ago?
  The article isn’t specific to climate change, but I share for two reasons: it is a nerdy fun time of a read, and, while reading it I was reflecting on the enormity of one’s ego to believe their behavior is of consequence. Collectively as 7+ billion yes, don’t get me wrong. Nor am I excusing wastefulness, not recycling or driving exhaust producing vehicles, or eating excessive amounts of meat (our biggest contributor of carbon dioxide to the ozone). We should appreciate our land and what bounty it has. But political agenda has given way to fear-mongering manipulation, that’s what i’m saying. I’m knocking political agenda, not science. There are scientist on both sides of the climate change argument. And there are and will continue to be many positives for science getting involved Could a New Plastic-Eating Bacteria Help Combat Pollution?
Frankly, we are going to get more efficient not destructive.
The universe is almost impossible to conceptualize, yet we suspend such awe and emotion for it. Closer to home, the planet gives no damns about our existence, and is entirely emotionless.
Google has consistently been open about their liberal views demonstrated via their homepage art. The company is great at acknowledging only what they want to. For years, they have consistently ignored Memorial Day and Easter. Giving credit where it’s due, the Earth Day art was rather lovely. [reminds me of homes with large aquariums, koi ponds in the driveway, people with ample discretionary incomes]
earth day google doodle

google art doodle

Moving on: this article is a powerful punch, and it also demonstrates where things have overlapped Liberals Want to Break You By Forcing You to Lie
We can’t blame anyone or ourselves for being multi-layered and complicated, or non-consistent with our behavior. And it’s obvious we don’t know someone when we only know one thing about them, even if they are cultish about that one thing! There will never be one way, even if one thinks theirs is the right way. There will never be an agreed upon answer to any subject or debate or policy.
This discomfort is the nature of the world we live in, the real reality. All I can say is pick your battles.
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