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It’s the end of the week, and where I feel I should be slowing down for a relaxing weekend, I actually sense I’m only slowing down enough to get another running start. Some weeks run into each other like that; that’s why little breaks and vacations out of the ordinary are so necessary. Anyhow, wanted to share some pertinent links before Sunday crashes in on me; and before that little pocket of time usually designated for catching up on weekend reads has already passed.

These stood out to me. Maybe one or a few do for you.

How the Las Vegas Gunman Planned His Massacre, 7 days of Videos (compressed) Such a punch in the gut to still have little explanation.

13 Reason To Believe Aliens Are Real This is a lonng read and well worth it. I offer no other commentary right now.

Russia Has an Ideology- And It’s as Entrenched as Communism Was

I thought this was interesting as a follow up Babushkas for Putin Russian women, who outlive men by more than a decade on average,
are among the president’s biggest fans, especially older women. 
Fairly short article.

Don’t let Putin take all the air from the room. How China became a global power of espionage

It’s just a damn shame and the real truth -how hard it is to go deep when there is always so much to skim. It’s both too easy to have a peripheral understanding and very lazy to express an immediate opinion; despite the anxiousness one feels to do so. That’s the irony. Both having knowledge and seeing how a circumstance plays out require time.

I welcome the current social media backlash.


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