In Defense and Defending

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When you wax poetically arguing a case, and their response is one line: that’s a defense mechanism on their part. As if they have the better with that ‘last line in the argument’ routine, or they have the winning point, thus only requiring 1 line. So, take that! If you’re too damn busy to properly discuss this, this I believe is more fair, and I’d rather you say that. It is a Monday after all. 

We give so much away about ourselves. And when we aren’t, people are left to perceive. Our entire existence, daily, is based on how we are responding to stimuli. When we aren’t in habitual mode (all those things we do as human beings: grooming-eating-working-relaxing-driving to the same place -all of this is really involuntary) When we aren’t in these modes of living, we are responding to stimuli. The conversations, the interactions, the driver who abruptly pulls out in front of you. We are animals, we are very basic at the end of the day. But both the involuntary behaviors and the responding to stimuli behaviors are routed in perception: as simple as our favorite color, as complicated as our race or our sexual behavior. Thus what we like and dislike and how we *feel* (the heavy word) ((feelings are subject to moods, moods always change, get over yourself! -whole other post)) are pre-determined attributes that will not change spontaneously, no matter how much you argue on Facebook. 

Aside, you can not change anyone’s mind via social media, hence why I think it’s pointless many days.

Back to the beginning of that paragraph: the reason perception is so important is because IT IS EVERYTHING! Let me repeat this, Perception is Everything. If we are basic animals, acting both involuntarily and according to stimulus, then our existence is entirely about what we have already learned to believe: Involuntary, as simple as the route you take to work or as complicated as your set political views, or Stimulus, being receptive to or defensive of what is coming towards you,  a bill you need to dispute or an argument against a post in a news blog.

Here we find ourselves back at the beginning.

I know how I perceive news and media. When I read certain things online, I know beforehand where their political bent leans, and I consider this as I read how they report the news, their perspective. I did reach out argumentatively, and the recipient seemed to not want any of it. He responded to my stimulus. Ok. I am making no judgement here, only observation. But it is very important as a *being* to take inventory of our environment. I read people and I’ve been reading you a long time.  This is what I do, this is my involuntary.

This woman is too egotistical for me, it’s a fun read: Chasing Crooks in My Jimmy Choos, a sex columnist turned private eye.

The post I debated in email, receiving a one-line rebuttal, which gave way to this blogpost, came from NextDraft He cited from Salon. They are outrageously liberal, like the flaming hand waving gay to gay men, seriously! You know how Seinfeld (and now Chris Rock) spoke out last week and said comedians are avoiding speaking at universities because they are ‘too politically correct’, these indoctrinated liberal kids ‘don’t know anything’. Well, Salon wants you to believe the speakers are avoiding colleges because they are too conservative. LOL, lol all the way to the bank. I bet against that. Even this past week a liberal professor came out and said he was afraid of his own students.

I’m a Liberal Professor and My Students Terrify Me

In defense of perception, you don’t know me. In response to stimuli, I will respond accordingly.

If you have just 5 minutes, this is very much worth your time

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BrockaIn Defense and Defending

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