Good Vs Evil Proves God Exist

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If you read my blog, you know I’m an admirer of Dennis Prager. One of his more recent projects/achievements is setting up Prager University. They are free online 5 minute lessons on various subjects. 5 minutes, for both keeping the attention of an internet overwhelmed, sensory overloaded busy person, and 5 minutes to deliberately snub a nose at the typical liberal university education.


Side note: I got in some ridiculous spat on twitter last night with an out-of-nowhere Buddhist meditator whom was so full of pride for his years of meditation, and complete disdain for Christianity. His derision had everything to do with ‘one paying for their piece of heaven’ as if no other good has come out of physically going to church. The irony in some…

I can’t wait to quote out of the book Debt again in this regards, but you already have a 5 minute video to watch! 


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BrockaGood Vs Evil Proves God Exist

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