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Most would easily define art as that which provokes thought or causes a reaction. Graffiti has always been controversial because it is seen as vandalism or gang related. But when it’s not, when it is given a purpose, it’s one of the greatest techniques a city can use to decorate itself or buffer the cold hard views of pure boring concrete. A few years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, artist were commissioned a piece each. Now it is a glorious mural and collage of all sorts of styles; an emergence of more than East and West.

I love how this street art is made to fit the cityscape.



A very brilliant and brave move by one artist, proved the purpose of having art and proved his point. The Wall Story ‘don’t erase me bro!’

One of the first times i really saw a lot of depressing gang-related graffiti was in Paris. I was so despondent, because as a tourist coming to see and appreciate all the art, architecture, museums, and history, I thought ‘How could the residents ruin this?!’ The delinquents grew up with their surroundings, not separating its value from their everyday lives. The level of appreciation for what they had was not the same. But now, Paris has made less effort trying to clean it up, and just live with it by welcoming a number of artist to just create. Embraced examples




Graffiti is something which will always exist and a prime example of how we sometimes need to let people express for the sake of it.

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BrockaFor the Sake of It

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