Dennis Prager Speaks at Socrates in the City Event

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The unexamined life is not worth living –Socrates

A bit over a decade ago, a group of intellectuals in Manhattan decided to form a group for delving into philosophical thought. These meetings would invite various intellectuals from all over the world in order to broach topics deeper than the cocktail conversations that were/are most pervasive in New York liberal society; questions and answers about God, ethics, morals, values, and the counterpoints that go with them. Eventually a book was born highlighting  these lectures: Life, God and Other Small Topics. get the book

Dennis Prager, a man I highly revere and have grown to know as one of our greatest living intellectuals, spoke on his latest book. If you are unfamiliar with him, he is a syndicated radio host out of LA. He is a conservative Jew that covers politics, religion, morals, ethics, male-female sexuality, cigar brands, stereo-system insights…lol, among other things. Point being, he is no talking-head and in no way similar to anything negative you may hear or think about radio personalities. His theme is ‘clarity over agreement’ which clearly illustrates the fact that he is not a screamer; he is intellectually curious about every caller, and can still provide a more wise insight without degrading any listener.

He has written 4 books varying from the moral obligation to be happy to simply understanding Judaism. His latest book, Still The Last Best Hope. Why the world needs American values to triumph…

He spoke so concisely on quite a bit, I just wanted to share a few things I noted down. The youtube video is very similar to a small bit he spoke on too, the biggest theme.

On the American trinity: Liberty, In God We Trust, e pluribus unum 

the video synopsis  (5 minutes)

How these 3 are each so individually important and work in conjunction with each other too, non-coincidentally. If there is liberty, but if man is not necessarily born good, then he obviously needs to be G*d fearing in some way. Secularism essentially leads to tribalism. History proves that evil is more normal than good. The Left is so hung up on fairness and equality verses right and wrong, good and evil. 6 million Congolese have been massacred in the last 10 years, but this is a big yawn at the United Nations. Unless it is one Israeli who kills a Palestinian, then they call a world summit. 

‘The Marine Corp has done more for peace than the Peace Corp’

‘Religion doesn’t make revolution’ this is why every dictator wanted/wants a secular society. Good people and good values do not commit crime. The left wants you to believe that poverty causes crime, but actually the United States is currently experiencing the lowest crime rates ever coupled with complete economic debt and high unemployment. 

Very few people know the one line inscription on the Liberty Bell:  “Proclaim LIBERTY throughout all the land unto all the inhabitants thereof.” Meaning, all who come to America are American. There is no American race; we do not have a distinct color or accent. Whereas, in every other country in the world, they hold dear to nationalistic pride. Back to e pluribus unum = from many one

We need American value missionaries to go around the world and spread American values (like Mormons do). Regardless of how many people a missionary may or may not convert, for doing so, the missionary will learn/grow/understand better what is being diminished by the American university and drive-by media. 

get his book

The book covers so much more than I can do justice currently. 

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BrockaDennis Prager Speaks at Socrates in the City Event

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