Contentment. A conversation with you, Reader.

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~how it may naturally flow sitting across from you

I hate saying I’m going to do something and not. I wanted to post sooner than now. In the same way I hate getting my hopes up about something and being disappointed. That’s life. Pardon the delay. Boston was a wonderful whirlwind. I never really sat but to sleep and enjoy a long desired Bloody Mary at the Cheers bar and also split a dirty martini at the hotel bar. Both relished.

Aside: the Cheers tv show is equivalent to Frasier. Frasier is really an updated, sophisticated version of the same relationship dynamics. Proceeding in this same format, both as entertaining and more intellectually satisfying, Seinfeld follows. All the same premise: a handful of men, few-to-one woman, general life observations, angst, relationship and romantic woes…I haven’t watched sitcom tv in years. I would have no idea where things are now.

Nothing is new.

No feeling or circumstance is new. The concept for it and the feeling of it has already existed.

A great example is when new parents have a baby. This primal, exemplary moment is emotionally expressed as if they’re the only couple to have brought forth life. Another example is when a teenager ‘falls in love’. In both the case of the crush feeling mutual or all hell breaking loose because they don’t, the bedroom door will inevitably slam to ‘you don’t understand!’

This is one of the bigger problems with society right now: the self-centeredness; the belief in an exceptional individualism verses collective purpose. There wouldn’t be so many groups and labels and tribes…

This is also why I’ve always been fond of the German language, how a word can conceptualize things, the general, the humanness of us all. Frankly, they’re so damn precise. I internally chastise myself when I miss an opportunity to say a specific word during conversation. Because the conversation will have been had and we can’t recapture it.


Figuratively speaking, I have the pegboard up listing all the To-Do’s, Plans, Wants, Desires. All feasible and ‘slowly but surely’ through step-by-step action. I love reflecting on how dominoes fall from one to the next. Natural progression. What must come before to be in the now. Wake, work, and ‘keep showing up’ -Seth Godin

In the context of these tasks, I’m seeing how I am best at only doing-being-saying-speaking of what I know. Contentment comes from this ease, a naturalness. Having the right word. Knowing the right word. Being able to really know a feeling, the whys and where it’s coming from. Not speaking out just to hear my own voice. It’s almost relaxing to not push against the wind. We want to question, grow, and expand, yes; but not at the expense or sacrifice of ourselves. Sacrifice, a very weighted word.


I play with syllables a lot when I write, especially when writing music. Music is about rhythm. Rhythm is about the syllables, an even cadence. Music doesn’t flow when the syllables don’t.

All the frenetic shouting. There is no collective cadence. Clash clash cash

When I use the word contentment I have a checklist in my mind of all my immediate concerns: family; health; finance. All else resides within this triangle. If I went to church, I’d say box.  If any of these 3 sides are in distress, it’s a bit more difficult to negotiate my life. I’ve wanted to speak on this awhile, but felt selfish considering all the natural disasters which keep occurring back-to-back. I can’t fight nature nor can I wait on nature to calm down on my clock. It will be. That’s nature. We have to find our own center and get in our own flow.

So yes, ironically, we have to be selfish and get our own lives in order. And by doing so, I believe we help the collective good. Less clash, less shout. I do believe.

If we all stopped giving attention to Donald Trump or Kim Jong-Un, would they have the platform -the power? NO

No I don’t dispute the gravity, but let’s be real about the attention grabbing comedy, the amplification of it via social media and technological channels. It’s all really a comedy of errors…Are they The Comedy of Errors? All civilizations before us have destroyed themselves. I’m not getting emotionally tied up in this being our out though, honestly.

Ken Burns, the famous documentarian, said something I absolutely agree with. Essentially there is no repeating of history just a consistent human behavior. We do not change. Our human behavior keeps to its nature, imprinting itself onto supposedly evolved circumstances.

So it is us. This is a weight to bare. We think we are responding to the external, when actually we are creating. We keep perpetuating this, possibly. We are seeing the antithesis to contentment. Why give it attention?

We have to live our lives despite all of it, any of it, don’t we? Contentment is riding the wave, being in the flow, losing track of time, focusing on the priorities, no time for social media.

Be in the self -a distinguished centeredness, and be good. Paradoxically, this is very simple.

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BrockaContentment. A conversation with you, Reader.

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