Cost of Complacency

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“Not adding value is the same as taking it away.” -Seth Godin Doing drugs is the same as not adding value, to your life, and to people in your life. It’s like each time you participate in any addictive behavior, you’re choosing to sit-out from other more constructive things. With the new legislation in a couple states allowing pot sales and smoking, it’s hard to not reflect on. I’m not one of those persons whom argues ‘it’s a better addiction than alcohol; at least it doesnt cause fatalities and as destructive behavior.’ What bothers me most about pot is the exact opposite response it elicits: laziness and complacency. That is why people enjoy it, to relax. The world is stressful; … Read More

BrockaCost of Complacency

There is No Method

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The creative process has no process or outline to follow. We never know when, where, or how an idea will come. Even when deliberately seeking inspiration, often what we come up with can feel inauthentic because it was ‘construed’ and not ‘out of nowhere’ like where we presume brilliant things come from.  In the book Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott, a famous writer and professor, she discusses both procrastinating and disciplining oneself to write (or create, or design, or draw, or study…whatever your ‘thing’ is) I thought this diddy was funny: “So after I’ve completely exhausted myself thinking about the people I most resent in the world, and my more arresting financial problems, and, of course, the orthodontia, I remember to … Read More

BrockaThere is No Method

V is for Vulnerable

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There is a person I barely know, yet weighs such a heavy presence in my mind. I admire him, I suppose. Thus, his opinion matters to me. We are very different people, and I have these oddly random moments of reflection regarding my music: will he like it? His taste are very different. I’ve subsequently realized his presence isn’t about him, but the general concept of him. I am continuing to create exactly as I am always, knowing intellectually not everyone will like it; and this is ok. Not everyone should, that would be boring.  Another factor to consider, we can NEVER control or anticipate how another person will respond to our behavior. He might surprise me, and really like … Read More

BrockaV is for Vulnerable

Wandering Wondering Weekend

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(this will be a consistent theme on my new site coming in February!!) Time permitting over your weekend, get lost in the internet. These are highlights I came across over the past week. I did not know this existed. The most F’d up thing ever: human leather. It’s legal. And a UK company which specializes in products made from such. The fact they’re sold out after December orders is super icky. Oh my jeezus! Whether a blogger or running a big corporate biz, this podcast is worth your time. (28 minutes) Engage Your Audience, and keep them so… Tales From the Night. Great stories via 10 New Yorkers whom recall their most memorable ‘from dusk to dawn’ experiences, while others … Read More

BrockaWandering Wondering Weekend

What Will You Create?

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Last night was the first Icarus Session, instigated by Seth Godin. Via his blog, he launched the idea for like-minded people to form groups in their cities through and come together for the sake of creativity. I attended the Dallas mini gathering. If you are unfamiliar with him, he is a brilliant mind of entrepreneurship. He was the originator of spreading ideas through PDF files; even Guy Kawasaki is a disciple of sorts. Wiki or Google or whatever you want. If you are more than a corporate robot with any inclination towards creative expression and a desire to share it with the world, you should follow his blog His ideas and books and lectures have become so prolific over the … Read More

BrockaWhat Will You Create?