What If…

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Nothing would happen if we let this thought override us. ‘If’ has to do with our expectations and how there is never a guarantee of outcome. What if you build something and and no one shows up? All these stairs still function the same, though they are¬†constructed impractically. What if we build this differently… ‘What if’ we discredited people such as this. Politicians do this with their constituents; obviously teachers are doing this. We are all guilty of assuming in this way, though maybe not in this exact context. ‘What if’ is like could-woulda-shoulda. It will always hold us back.

BrockaWhat If…

Suck It Up

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It’s a hard knock life. I love this Cracked article on how you better step up your game! 6 hard truths to make you a better person; we need to be reminded every once in awhile. After reality sets in, here is the perfect LinkedIn post on the Best Advice some of the most reputable people in the world have ever gotten. Standing out often involves being on the edge of innovation, something different, something exceptional. These photographs are pretty scary   Hope you don’t have a fear of heights.

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Perfect Timing

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Seth Godin came to Dallas. He is in the top 1% of internet influencers, marketers, book authors, motivators, aficionados, etc…just such a brilliant mind. It was so awesome hearing him live, as I’ve read a handful of his 15 books. The timing couldn’t be more wonderful, since I am engrossed in my music and dealing daily with the human uncertainty, doubt, and fears that naturally go along with making and sharing art. His great lecture covered the fact that the industrial infrastructure no longer applies. We can no longer succeed by following the formula of school, college, 30 year spanning career, pension, retirement… This video provides insight into what is stifling about the current school system; we are being stifled … Read More

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Downtown & Fashion

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Following up on the City book post, thought i’d share about my venture downtown one day last week for clothing fittings to be worn on the following day at a fashion show in the Crescent Court Hotel, a gorgeous iconic hotel in uptown Dallas. The 200 year old historical building I went to, housing the studios of numerous artists was in Deep Ellum. If you aren’t a Dallasite, this is a neighborhood adjacent to downtown with a myriad of shops, eateries, clubs, and condos. It has always had a grunge biker vibe, but has gone through many transitions over the years, catering to hipsters before the term existed. During the day, it seems sad and vacant. The restaurants are consistently … Read More

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Cost of Complacency

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“Not adding value is the same as taking it away.” -Seth Godin Doing drugs is the same as not adding value, to your life, and to people in your life. It’s like each time you participate in any addictive behavior, you’re choosing to sit-out from other more constructive things. With the new legislation in a couple states allowing pot sales and smoking, it’s hard to not reflect on. I’m not one of those persons whom argues ‘it’s a better addiction than alcohol; at least it doesnt cause fatalities and as destructive behavior.’ What bothers me most about pot is the exact opposite response it elicits: laziness and complacency. That is why people enjoy it, to relax. The world is stressful; … Read More

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