The Deepest Grandest…Sigh

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I didn’t go downstairs to stand in the horseshoe parking lot with one hundred other curious souls this afternoon during the eclipse. It’s not that I was nonpulsed about it though. I watched a live stream via NASA on my ipad during my lunch break, as the two were simultaneous; then I viewed through special glasses outside of a broker’s office window as the dark orange encapsulated. I’m ‘meh’ about the visuals and more about the feels. Because here I am hoping, the entire globe chills the F out for a sec and presses the reset button. In our personal lives, maybe. On the macro level, that would be winning the Powerball. Whether one is an astrological mocker or astronomically … Read More

BrockaThe Deepest Grandest…Sigh


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Every time I think or say the word fresh, I think ‘fresh to death’ Terrible. What is wrong with me [no punctuation] This last time my computer crashed I lost all my voice memos from my iphone, thus icloud upload on the Mac. These were the 50+ song ideas I hadn’t actualized just yet. It wasn’t like losing sentimental things in a fire; I know that experience. I wasn’t so devastated. I thought it a fresh start. I’m not so obtuse as to believe that every rhyme I sing or melody I want to turn into song is something immediately great. Is anything for a perfectionist ever ready…Most everything is shit. Most rough drafts are shit. ‘Good riddance’ I thought. … Read More


Two Questions III

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Yes I skipped last week. I was busy clarifying not asking. One thing I always often ponder when traveling: Why don’t people uproot and move their lives more often? The main reason we move is for a job or for a significant other’s job. The other reason is love. Maybe we love a city so much, we’d rather live there and figure some of the logistics later, e.g. American expats in Paris or Berlin, a southerner taking their liberal beating heart to Seattle or Portland, Oregon. Of course we can move for the love of another, but this is still predicated on who has the more locked down, financially lucrative job. For this flight of fancy, let’s assume money is … Read More

BrockaTwo Questions III

The Buzz

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I have wanted to retaliate all week. Throw out an argument to an argument. Kept mum instead -worth it. Listening and silence, still in the waiting and watching mode. I don’t have the words or the prose, because there is so much noise currently; who would hear, who would care? And I don’t want to write just to be on defense. To be human is to have pain and to solve problems, yet this doesn’t mean I need to picket every pain and investigate every problem. I take things in stride. I am focusing on my immediate here and now. And I will not shout in a crowd of screamers. I will not participate. We feel what we feel and … Read More

BrockaThe Buzz

Inevitable Discomfort

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While growing up I often heard vague advice on avoiding hot-topics like religion and politics in discussions with people I don’t know very well. Like┬ásex, religion and politics are personal and often only on the block with well-known intimates, not in daily interactions. No longer. What was once private is now exposed. Social media has removed the veil. You know exactly where one stands most of the time. There are still a handful of people with enough social grace to never participate or only offer as much as a food pic on Instagram or a family photo on Facebook. Few still leave all political viewpoints for sharing with their bed partner. On the flip-side, some specifically open social media accounts … Read More

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