Love and Loss

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Love. Universal; and just as many ways to express it, feel it, and describe it. This video uses scientific visuals to artistically illustrate love. My favorite is the first of the six. What Love Looks Like, videos 1-6 from Tangible Graphics on Vimeo. Stunning and provocative. Surreal landscapes made with the human body. Well this is curious. I really can’t imagine wanting to meet some stranger on the public transportation offered in Dallas. But for European cities which rely entirely on metros and subways, your chances of meeting someone decent may increase. ‘Prague transportation officials have suggested a novel way to help combat big city loneliness: introducing singles cars on the Prague metro’ Love in the Time of Public Transportation Even if … Read More

BrockaLove and Loss

Ode to Fathers

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On the eve of Father’s Day, I wanted to acknowledge with a few great links. Wow! This takes serious dedication and creativity. Dad Illustrates His Kids Lunch Bags   Then this dad Photoshops His Daughter Into Impossible Scenes Too cute.   I love Esquire Men’s Mag. They asked 4 very different famous fathers What I’ve Learned: Fatherhood. Insights from Mario Batali to Gene Simmons. Enjoy your day!

BrockaOde to Fathers

Lit Behind Me

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It was an interesting month of reading during the past month of May, to say the least. One thing is for certain, I am author loyal. When I read anything I like, I backtrack on what else has been written by the person, and anticipate what they’ll put out in the future. It keeps my stacks tall and shelves heavy. One woman’s work I’ve had on the periphery of my mind is Mary Roach. She picks a singular topic and rips it to shreds with her very morbid curiosity. No faint of hearts or sensitive stomachs should read her work. The most recent book, Gulp, was spotlighted on NPR, and after hearing the interview with her, I decided to get … Read More

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Animal Spirit

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Why are some people (mainly woman) more prone to dressing up their domestic animals? No doubt, it is the motherly doting nature. These zoo animals are hysterically fashionable. Some people really do get pets instead of children.   Like everything in the universe, there is the other extreme. The most dangerous and the largest cat in the wild is the Amur. If you were born and bred to survive the arctic Siberian weather terrain, you’d be a badass too. As the encyclope­dic reference Mammals of the Soviet Union puts it, ‘The general appearance of the tiger is that of a huge physical force and quiet confidence, combined with a rather heavy grace.’   ‘Picture the grotesquely muscled head of a pit … Read More

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I have always said and believed there is a big difference between loving someone and being ‘in love’ with someone. The ‘in love’ part has been a while ago; I question my own cynicism. I have had the most storybook of relationships and am so appreciative for what I’ve experienced and the great people whom have come in my life. Unfortunately, for both juvenile and primitive reasons, a lot of love is possessive. This Paperman video (preview) has been making its way around the internet for the last couple weeks and it’s just a lovely reminder of how well things can and should feel between two people 😉