Conservatives Swoon

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The great thing about CSPAN is how they set up cameras & let things roll. This is from a prayer breakfast last Thursday. It’s a minor surprise with Obama there, since he didnt attend in ’09 & only formally acknowledged it then. Dr. Ben Carson is a surgeon with no political ties or force behind him. He has definitely not been spoon-fed to us. During this lecture he gets into his personal beliefs, regardless of the president’s appearance. He tears into political correctness. He tears into the national debt, thank G*d! Obama needs to be beat over the head with this. He also highlights his impoverished background and mentions the importance of book reading over tv watching; that’s when I … Read More

BrockaConservatives Swoon

Health Hucksters

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The links i wanted to share for your weekend reading take more serious consideration, if you take your health seriously. Just like i’ve mentioned in a recent post ‘selling you the poison and the remedy’, in a similar vein the majority of food producers own the name brand and the off-brand, thus the money is still being funneled into that one corporation regardless of which you buy. When organic products started to move from hipster purchases to a mega-billiion dollar profit opportunity over the last 15 years, a number of old-school labelled traditional brands (i.e. Dole) bought up these lesser known names shelling out the organic goods. All sorts of integrity has been lost in those quality items. Things have … Read More

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Teach, Trick, and Tantalize

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You do not need to practice a religion to intellectually understand the value of keeping its values and tenets in our rearing. Man, Sex, God, and Yale. This article is a great examination of liberal education. Unfortunately it doesn’t delve into the serious consequences the country faces as a result of this type of teaching behavior in universities. Just the title of this exhibit? event? experience? Sell Them the Poison and The Remedy Prime example in irony, go to one of the most opulent, glamorous and thriving busy malls, in order to actually spend time in the Silence Room. My brain starts veering into the similarities of how the health and ‘wellness’ industry is based off this theme; the prescription drug business … Read More

BrockaTeach, Trick, and Tantalize

Total Recall or No Recall

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I’ve read hundreds of books in my life and at least 3 a month currently, so there’s no way in hell i could remember every single date, fact, or story theme. I’ve always supposed my brain kind of makes room for new stuff as i go and filters out what isn’t pertinent; and i only ever really retain what im most interested in anyway. As for what we experience in our lives too, we only remember things happening in a certain way or not at all. The members of my family jokingly call this ‘selective memory’. My mother rarely recalls bad things. I consider it an optimistic trait and a great survival mechanism for staying positive about life.  ‘Total recall, … Read More

BrockaTotal Recall or No Recall

It’s Not About Guns

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Every time something tragic happens we want a reason for it. If we do not have an answer or can’t place blame, then we are left feeling vulnerable. This is the main reason conspiracy theories exist. The most simple explanation is too easy to accept. It is still the truth… Guns prevent how horribly things can be And remember the Norwegian shooter incident, a place with the most restrictive gun laws! Crazy people will commit heinous acts regardless. There are more children killed in motor-vehicle accidents and domestic violence situations every day than these random shooters.  The one thing this proves: Evil exist in the world. Society must raise good people. The worst thing would be to dis-arm well trained gun … Read More

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