American Sensationalism

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One of the last documentaries I saw in Amsterdam had me embarrassed to be an American. It was on one of the original shock-jock, tv show host Morton Downey Jr. Wow, what a horrendous person. For someone like myself who listens to conservative talk radio (not Rush Limbaugh, calmer intellectuals like Dennis Prager) I was surprised to learn of this person I’d never heard of. Apparently, he paved the way for Rush. He also gave Al Sharpton his first spotlight, as a guest discussing the Tawana Brawley case (black girl whom lied about being raped, thus precipitating its black activism) Morton Downey Jr. was during the time of Phil Donahue and Sally Jesse, but had the in-your-face sensationalism like no … Read More

BrockaAmerican Sensationalism

Dennis Prager Speaks at Socrates in the City Event

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The unexamined life is not worth living –Socrates A bit over a decade ago, a group of intellectuals in Manhattan decided to form a group for delving into philosophical thought. These meetings would invite various intellectuals from all over the world in order to broach topics deeper than the cocktail conversations that were/are most pervasive in New York liberal society; questions and answers about God, ethics, morals, values, and the counterpoints that go with them. Eventually a book was born highlighting ¬†these lectures: Life, God and Other Small Topics. get the book Dennis Prager, a man I highly revere and have grown to know as one of our greatest living intellectuals, spoke on his latest book. If you are unfamiliar … Read More

BrockaDennis Prager Speaks at Socrates in the City Event