Too Much of a Good Thing

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-A post on reflections over the last week. There was an abundance of delicious food, strong drinks, delightful conversation and sexual appetite. Personal reflection and a little bit more growth lends to a productive conclusion regardless. Beginning with Monday, I finally agreed to a dinner with a guy that has pursued me sporadically over the last year and Ive continually blown off. It was a pleasant surprise. One, we never know people until we take the time to get to know them. AND even in time, we never fully know people. So there! But I was propelled to discuss with him the BIG difference between finding someone attractive (physically) and BEING (over a period of time) attracted to them (their … Read More

BrockaToo Much of a Good Thing

Exit Into This

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Another subconsciously aware sleepless night; at least once a week. Walking feet coming up behind me, both dreaming vividly Proposed, to commit suicide over a crime with two other guys sitting bitch-seat of a convertible, approaching an elevator… to shoot up. To eliminate ourselves I bail at the last minute. There is time. With a cash-wad, folded over Bent to go in hiding. So many heavy themes in this ONE, no sense denying him. Now religious fasting Two concepts bide, law of attraction vastness open inside of me, opens void to keep filling The atheist finds their vacuum, and the scientist beaker is starving Kiss me this, a chin turns sideways In life where we spend our time and with … Read More

BrockaExit Into This

Words on Paper Can Lead to Papercuts

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Actually, I wanted to title this “Sometimes You Let Shit Slide” Got to thinking this a couple weeks ago after the People of Walmart started saturating the web. Yeah, its sad. It’s sad the way people advertise their own disregard. Its sad how one person doesnt respect themselves enough to think as a sole individual, they can have impact. We think one person doesnt make a difference until they look, act or behave stupidly. Our electronic-verse makes everything viral, and this is in direct proportion to our reactionary behavior. We have lost the simple act of thinking before we speak, thinking before we judge. We are past school-yard antics of ‘sticks and stones may break my bones…’ Since everything said … Read More

BrockaWords on Paper Can Lead to Papercuts

Favorite Poem Submission : Monja Blanca

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The wild White Nun, rarest and loveliest of all her kind, takes form in the green shade deep in the forest. Streams of filtered light are tapped, distilled, and lavishly expressed as petals. Her sweet hunger is displayed by the labellum, set for the bees in flight to land on. In her well, the viscin gleams; mesmeric nectar, sticky stuff of dreams. This orchid’s sexual commerce is confined to flowers of her own class, and nothing less. And yet for humans she sends so sublime a sensual signal that it melts the mind. The hunters brave a poisoned wilderness to capture just a few blooms at a time, and even they, least sensitive of men, will stand to look, and … Read More

BrockaFavorite Poem Submission : Monja Blanca

Ballad. the somewhat-man

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Oh why do you torture me so with your words So I write prose to read meaning in between lines and sing songs, to hear love in the notes I glimpse your true colors when you sleep since you come out in the dark of the night But you still wake like us all So all I can see is your light

BrockaBallad. the somewhat-man