Beware of Half Truth

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Following up on yesterday’s post, this is a quote out of the book Hoodwinked, How Intellectual Hucksters Have Hijacked America. It is an example of how liberals have manipulated data to conform to their reality. The book is a couple years old (05, i think) but still highly relevant, and there are SO MANY examples it’s mind-boggling and sad. Of course, if you’ve seen any Michael Moore movie, you know how far someone will go and lie.  “Fortunately, military researcher B.G. Burkett has recovered many of these truths. His efforts began innocently enough when he attempted to raise money for a Vietnam memorial in Dallas in the late 1980s. A Vietnam veteran himself, he found himself being rebuffed by one … Read More

BrockaBeware of Half Truth

How We See, How We Hear…

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Being able to interact with 100s of people on twitter daily has served to amplify my feelings of ‘it’s all about perspective.’ Another thing which comes up in my timeline are quotes, often by long ago deceased people; some become or became mantras and affirmations. Mostly, I find them tired out and expired for the current environment. Here is a great one that will always be applicable and worth reflecting on: ‘Beware of half truth; you may have gotten hold of the wrong half.’ -Unknown Do you remember the game Chinese Whispers as a kid? You sit in a circle and one person tells a short story or couple-line phrase into the ear of their neighbor. It gets passed around … Read More

BrockaHow We See, How We Hear…

Caught off Guard

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Americans were caught off guard when the Twin Towers were hit on September 11. Many of us couldn’t fathom that so much hate against America had been fomenting for years. Most of us whom weren’t politically savvy decided to start paying attention and immediately felt compelled to come together and fight the mutual enemy, not all literally, but metaphorically definitely, with flags in cars and on yards. We were all motivated and forced to see the worlds and cultures beyond our own shores. The discord between us here was temporarily absolved with our ‘us against them’ mentality. The problem with Pearl Harbor was that we knew something of this nature was brewing and it was collectively being ignored. ‘…the war … Read More

BrockaCaught off Guard