The Art of Nonconformity

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When we find ourselves stuck in a situation and unable to move forward, something has to change. It is unnecessary and potentially fatal to rely on others to create change for us. Who’s responsible for creating change? You are. What’s your job? Show up and bring something unique. I’d wish you good luck, but luck isn’t up to you. Luck is like a winning lottery ticket – if it comes your way, might as well cash it in. In the meantime, better to focus on what you can really influence. Instead of luck, take heart. Take courage. It all starts with showing up. by Chris Guillebeau

BrockaThe Art of Nonconformity

Sweet Coupling

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I say take whatever you bake and make it a hell of a lot better with ice cream. If anything ever doesnt turn out well, it still has potential; either freeze it and use it later as a crumb base for pies or sprinkle into ice cream. Summer may high-light fruits and fruit pies, but right now Im thinking brownies a’la mode. French style ice cream is a darker yellow-base because of the eggs; better known as custard. American (Philadelphia style) is ivory white because it is cream based. Gelato is mainly milk fat verses butterfat. Vegans obviously dont get the egg custard or the heavy butterfat version, but going for a similar consistency or mouth feel is a great … Read More

BrockaSweet Coupling

My Game of Chess

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Chess pies are a Southern specialty that has a simple filling of eggs, sugar, butter, and a small amount of cornmeal; some include vinegar. And WOW! thats a bunch of junk I didnt even use… except for the cornmeal. But I swear it looks, taste and bakes up just the same. My gram is proud;) “The origin of the name, Chess Pie, is uncertain, but there are plenty of guesses and a bit of folklore surrounding the name. The most probable explanation is that since the English lemon curd pie filling is very close to lemon chess pie, and they believe the word “chess” is an Americanization of the English word “cheese,” referring to curd pie. Basically the Chess Pie … Read More

BrockaMy Game of Chess

Nabisco is Trumped by a Girl Scout

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Due to Another!! e.coli scare via the latest recall of Nestle cookie dough, I’ve decided to actually post a recipe for an all-purpose chocolate wafer. This does not contain raw egg, thereby making it a possible substitute for those people who still believed that eating that raw Nestle cookie dough was a good idea. I use this for my gluten free and vegan version of “nabisco oreos” The dough must be refrigerated prior to baking for proper slicing reasons, so no need to pre-set the oven, but eventually 325* before assembly, make one egg equivalent substitute with either the Ener-G powder 1 and 1/2tsp powder with 2T water, slurry to thicken; I prefer this over flaxseed egg sub Sift together: … Read More

BrockaNabisco is Trumped by a Girl Scout

Four Feast and One Foodie

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In a compulsive desire to absorb as much as I can, I always stack my reading: magazines and books of varying degree and topic. Its easier to read a narrative and a non-fiction simultaneously as the themes never seem to over-lap. This past month proved a different fate. I found myself engrossed with one omnivore frenchman, a conscientious omnivore, a “frenchie” baker, and an alternative baker. The fast and delightful read was David Lebovitz’s “The Sweet Life in Paris”. I have taken his item-specific classes when he passed through Dallas on occasion, (i.e chocolate series and icecream making) so i was excited to get ahold of a more personal scoop on the man. He is very whimsical with ideas and … Read More

BrockaFour Feast and One Foodie