Wandering Weekend

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Getting lost in the glory of the internet feels less guilty during the weekend hours. Here are some random fun links Can money really buy happiness? A short video on the science of materialism. I do agree… Hint: giving 😉 I love books and reading, obviously. Now that I’m producing an album, my mind has been on the visual aspect of the music video. This one is a mash-up of my 2 fave concepts. Love With You I fell in admiration with this guy’s story about his creative process in making children’s books; such a fun short watch. Too cute, especially when he takes a break for lunch 😉  And lastly, Lady Gaga may have gotten away with a meat dress, I … Read More

BrockaWandering Weekend

V is for Vulnerable

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There is a person I barely know, yet weighs such a heavy presence in my mind. I admire him, I suppose. Thus, his opinion matters to me. We are very different people, and I have these oddly random moments of reflection regarding my music: will he like it? His taste are very different. I’ve subsequently realized his presence isn’t about him, but the general concept of him. I am continuing to create exactly as I am always, knowing intellectually not everyone will like it; and this is ok. Not everyone should, that would be boring.  Another factor to consider, we can NEVER control or anticipate how another person will respond to our behavior. He might surprise me, and really like … Read More

BrockaV is for Vulnerable

Paris, Museums and Culture

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Paris offers so much; just overwhelming honestly. Two requisite museums to visit are The Louvre and Museé d’Orsay. Additionally, there are some more typical Paris images in these galleries. Click on the images and follow through. Most have descriptions underneath [nggallery id=9]

BrockaParis, Museums and Culture