Time and Place

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How the world has changed: St. Peter’s Square in 2005 and 2013 In 2007, a French guy decided to hitchhike around the world after graduation. 5 years later, he has returned. Here is an account of the experience. I love these pics of children’s toys from around the world.   This definitely takes time, but i love the OCD aspect of it. The art of dissecting oranges.   Lovely.

BrockaTime and Place

How We Live

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Architecture has always fascinated me. This alone is a broad statement. More so, the way we actually make homes out of different environments speaks volumes on our adaptability, our ingenuity, and the extreme differences in our socio-economic status. These homes are in drastically different places.   I read a thorough piece in Vanity Fair magazine this past weekend on the most expensive, seclusive neighborhood in the world, One Hyde Park in London. I’m talking elevators, bullet proof-sound proof everything, finger scanning entrances, underground private car entrances which take you right up to your front door, etc… Only a handful of the apartments are listed under human dwellers; they’re mainly owned by companies, LLCs and the like, almost like a real … Read More

BrockaHow We Live

Through the Looking Glass

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Welcome to the weekend. Awesome viewing escapes… Surreal Photography A very intriguing bar-restaurant-club in Paris I love how this exhibit displaces your reality. Standing in a white-space room, looking through a tiny porthole, you are opened up to an expanded world.   Enjoy!

BrockaThrough the Looking Glass

Simple and Seductive

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The most simple of designs can be more than functional and practical, but also multi-tasking and brilliant. I love the idea of this aluminum sided desk which also serves as a book shelf or small storage unit. You can see how it is constructed here I love the concept of using science equipment for art and design. It changes the usual harsh aesthetics. I found an awesome flower vase made from science beakers at an estate sale recently and now I’ve come across these stunning test tube chandeliers. Wow! Who says you need to visit France to see chateaus? These monstrosities are in the U.S.A. and they are all for sell! I love the beauty, the fantasy, and the day dreaming … Read More

BrockaSimple and Seductive

Perfect Timing

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Seth Godin came to Dallas. He is in the top 1% of internet influencers, marketers, book authors, motivators, aficionados, etc…just such a brilliant mind. It was so awesome hearing him live, as I’ve read a handful of his 15 books. The timing couldn’t be more wonderful, since I am engrossed in my music and dealing daily with the human uncertainty, doubt, and fears that naturally go along with making and sharing art. His great lecture covered the fact that the industrial infrastructure no longer applies. We can no longer succeed by following the formula of school, college, 30 year spanning career, pension, retirement… This video provides insight into what is stifling about the current school system; we are being stifled … Read More

BrockaPerfect Timing