Between the Pages

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These types of questions always interest me as a heavy reader:                                          How Reading Makes Us More Human ‘Her argument is that “deep reading,” the kind of reading great literature requires, is a distinctive cognitive activity that contributes to our ability to empathize with others; it therefore can, in fact, makes us “smarter and nicer,” among other things.’ Also, there is a freedom in reading which allows us to acknowledge a darker part of ourselves. The immoral behavior or despicable thoughts a character gets away is healthy in knowing our own psyches. And yes, through the story we see the repercussions … Read More

BrockaBetween the Pages

From Distraction to Design

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We are all here with infinite purposes. Are we using it to serve us or deplete us? What is the internet doing to your brain? This is short and sensical. But practically speaking, a lot of us on the internet are using it to market ourselves and run our businesses; we are a whole lot of varied entrepreneurs. The most important thing IS our health, and self-employeed people really need to know our options regarding health insurance. Even large companies are opting out of covering their employees under the new healthcare system, politics aside. This post is the most thorough lay-down for you. Every single day people inspire me. These people are the exact opposite of the ones making excuses. We … Read More

BrockaFrom Distraction to Design

Shifted Paradigm

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How we learn isn’t the same. We are evolving out of classrooms. How we market isn’t the same. Social media has replaced cold-calling. How we build our brands or our clients is really about doing what is most authentic to ourselves and letting the tribe, followers, and like-minded ones find us. (this is a new process we are having to re-learn and trust) This is the power and the problem of 7 billion people connected via the internet. Whatever you are doing or sharing, someone will like it or want in on it too. The flip side means more exposure, more vulnerability. This stops people before they start. This fills me with so much despair. Everything this man writes or … Read More

BrockaShifted Paradigm

Show Off

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Wouldn’t we all like to leave a mark? I’m finding out there is a difference between just making something great and making something that matters. Of course that is objective. And what matters doesn’t necessarily need to be measured quantitatively. If what we make, create, and do matters just to our own well-being and a few close friends, can we be satisfied with ‘just that’? This is the heavy question regarding how we measure our happiness.   Check out the best street art of 2012 The way we read is significantly changing. Not just because of e-readers, but mainly because there is so much more info coming at us to process. Libraries have had to re-market themselves more than any … Read More

BrockaShow Off

Say it Ain’t So

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We have every excuse not to send handwritten letters. Truthfully, they’re relegated to Thank You notes for attending showers and weddings. But, this doesn’t mean we don’t still harbor the sentiment. No longer is there an excuse to not show it. We are already tied to our electronics; now you can simulate the same experience. Check out this super cool Felt App And, well, if you don’t have any ‘warm and fuzzy’s’ for someone else, you can mail your FUTURE SELF a postcard. I’m not joking. A place in Shanghai is allowing you to do just that. Ok, so that’s cool. Now, i need a place to sit down and get this done. What about this floating table?!   I … Read More

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