Do Re Mi, Me Me Me

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Hey, it’s me. And this is my blog. And this is your daily reminder to be selfish, because it’s your life, happiness, and well-being at stake! 20 Things People Regret the Most Before They Die. Read this. Kick yourself in the ass. It’s never to late to reinvent yourself. The Ultimate Cheat Sheet to Reinvention. Aside, you should follow the Altucher blog because it is raw, honest, and powerful; and worth your time reading every time Because I’m currently making art, i found these phrases worth noting. Not everyone will like my music, some will just hate it. I hope this is the worst I encounter. (sure would be boring though, polite yes) credit to this tumblr     This is … Read More

BrockaDo Re Mi, Me Me Me


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Another of life’s inevitabilities. When i play my songs for people, my voice is compared to Sarah McLachlan by 3 out of 5. Not the same music style, but this makes me happy. And i’m getting closer to done, a couple music videos to go, but getting ANXIOUS to share with EVERYBODY! Some of you may geek-out on this Science Fiction Spaceships Comparison When you are being interviewed for a job, you are absolutely being compared to the other applicants. Check out these more obscure interview questions from Apple, Google, and Amazon I’m a minimalist when it comes to home decor (& in my monochromatic dressing) I love how these city posters are similarly designed using the icons of each … Read More


Put It Out There

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  It can be difficult to fully express ourselves; be vulnerable, raw, and exposed. It also turns out to be the most beautiful, beneficial, and fulfilling thing. And for those who don’t appreciate it or reciprocate, it is their loss. I’ve realized i shouldn’t feel ridiculous when i’ve been especially transparent; it’s those whom are shut-down and insecure or out of touch with their emotions who are short-changing themselves and their relationships. These detailed and stunning pastoral paintings are done on the outside of books.   This had to have taken serious sketching out and brainstorming.                                          3-D collages of bookshelves. … Read More

BrockaPut It Out There

Food-Related Finds

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(this post does not contain the word foodie; please discard it like über!) What matters is where our mind is. Since I am no longer in the habit running a dessert biz, the baking and posting of pics and recipes weekly, I really never bake anymore. That being said, I don’t even crave sugar. I don’t eat it. I don’t know which came first, the not desiring it or not eating it? It’s a great cycle to be in. I’m also an a-typical female about chocolate; I can live without it. I think alcohol is my only ‘sugar’, but that’s another unwritten post…lol This being said, I still love food blogs and restaurant reviews. I live through these vicariously though, … Read More

BrockaFood-Related Finds

Fear and Anxiety

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I had a great time behind the camera all day Monday, but a slew of articles having been landing in my inbox covering this topic and I find it non-coincidental. Seth Godin on Fearlessness is Not The Absence of Fear Kierkegaard on Anxiety and Creativity There was a great article in this past week’s New Yorker about a Zen Buddhist monk whom helps with the prevention of suicides in Japan (a place with the highest suicide rate in the world) This really resonated with me. A prime example of constructively harnessing any fear…   Very detailed info graphic. The Where and the Why. The Deadliest Countries for Journalist Metaphorically speaking, on the topic. Objects Exploding Out of Light Bulbs Boom!

BrockaFear and Anxiety