Calm in Hysteria

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I’m turning the page.

I don’t need to illustrate what is current hysteria or simple swell of emotion. I don’t need to lay label to what I perceive as right or wrong. To each their own.

In a group we behave most differently than one on one. We all know this inherently.

We are on the precipice of a couple eclipses. They are impactful, whether we like it or not. It’s emotional, it’s heavy, and everyone is under the influence. We live on this same planet; this is irrefutable. As physics determines gravity, we are susceptible to all energy, all matter…and it is all happening so loudly. (I’m not reading your damn astrological sign; get off your disregarding high-horse!)

The first time I sat in meditation I was 8 years old. I was in my bedroom. I sat in the floor with my back against the wall, closest to my bedroom door, closed. I turned off the lights so it was pitch black. I was looking upon a drum set to my left and a waterbed to my right. (this was an 80’s phase obviously) I just remember thinking to myself I needed to quiet my mind, I needed to be still, I needed to try and understand what I was here for. I told my prideful self I had a larger purpose.

This is a heavy amount of internalizing for an 8 year old, 4th grader. The attempts have grown taller, the depths have gotten deeper, and the awareness has led to more questions.

One absolute I have garnered: the less we rush in, and the more we wait it out without judgement, the more answers do come; the more understanding we have of the unfolding. Despite the decrepitude and despondency we believe is occurring, this is a miraculous time to be alive! I say this again. I say miracle whole-heartedly. Fast manifestation. Powerful. The mind is especially powerful right now.

I am still a product of my social media environment, still fallible and too quick to lash out. Please know I loathe myself every time I do, more than you may ever loathe seeing me do it.

By turning the page I mean: story time.


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BrockaCalm in Hysteria

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